First glimpse of Little Women: Dallas on Little Women: Atlanta

The cast of Little Women: Dallas ahead of the new series' premiere on November 2
The cast of Little Women: Dallas ahead of the new series’ premiere on November 2

This week’s Little Women: Atlanta reunion part two gave the first proper sneak peak at the new Texas spinoff — Little Women: Dallas.

The new series premieres next week on Wednesday, November 2, on Lifetime.

It stars Bri Barlup, Emily Fernandez, Asta Young, Amanda Loy, Tiffany Chance and Caylea Woodbury — and promises BIG doses of Little Women drama.

Check out the sneak peak below.

The first look aired during this week’s final part of the Little Women: Atlanta reunion, which also had its fair share of craziness.

The episode saw Monie take back her ‘Maid of Honor No.2’ title from Minnie — who clashed with Maid of Honor No.1 Ms. Juicy.

The controversial twins Charity and Hope also turned up to tell their side of the story after all the chaos they caused this season.

And a surprise guest and some new information about Morlin came out in the wash — putting Monie’s plans to wed on the line.

Minnie left the women with jaws dropped as she told them: “Before she walk down that aisle she need to check Morlin ’cause he’s gonna hollah at somebody in this group…”

Little Women: Dallas premieres November 2 on Lifetime.

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