FBI Tuesdays preview: The teams deal with fallout amid some tough cases

OA (Zeeko Zaki), Maggie (Missy Peregrym) and Scola (John Boyd) investigate a terrorist group on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

FBI Tuesdays will have a big week of excitement before another break. 

While all three FBI shows will take most of February off, they will have great storylines this week, from undercover operations to manhunts to keep fans thrilled. 

FBI Tuesdays about to enter another break

FBI fans may be annoyed at the breaks the shows have been taking so far this season. In this case, an upcoming break is unavoidable.

After starting with some new episodes in January, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted and FBI: International all took two weeks off. While there will be new episodes on February 1, another break comes afterward.

Usually, February would be a prime period for all the shows because it is a sweeps month. However, this year is different as almost all network shows will be taking a break due to NBC’s coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. 

The Olympics begin February 5 and end on February 20. There has been no set date for new FBI Tuesdays episodes, but it’s likely they won’t return until after the Olympics.

All three shows have a lot to play within plotlines. The last FBI episode had Jubal rocked to learn Rina had died of her shooting in the winter finale. While he pulled it together for an investigation, her death is clearly weighing on him. 

FBI: International had Kellett being betrayed by a former trusted contact. This coincided with an internal investigation in her possibly giving a murderer a pass because the victim was a corrupt website owner responsible for the death of the woman’s sister.

When Forrester tried to speak up for Kellett with a fake alibi, she became upset and declared they needed a break. 

FBI: Most Wanted shocked fans with the announcement that Julian McMahon will be leaving the series in March. Dylan McDermott (Law & Order: Organized Crime) has been cast as the new team leader who will debut in Episode 17. 

This week’s slate of episodes promises to amp up the excitement to try and give fans of the shows something to tide over the next break. 

What’s coming on FBI Tuesdays this week?

The night begins with Under Pressure which has Maggie on a difficult undercover assignment to stop a possible bombing campaign. 

Maggie goes undercover working in a bar to investigate an anti-government group that regularly gathers there and has several members suspected in a series of bombings. The case opens old wounds for her when a single father on the periphery of the group begins to fear he’s in danger of becoming collateral damage.

The promos put Maggie in the middle of the action and the plotline of her trying to save a man caught in the middle of things. It’s also likely to play on Jubal still dealing with Rina’s passing. 

While FBI: International doesn’t have a new promo, the synopsis of Chew Toy is another case where the team has to figure out whether they’re dealing with an innocent America caught in circumstances.

 When an NYPD officer is detained in Transnistria for aggravated assault, the Fly Team investigates his claims of infiltrating a sex trafficking ring being concealed by those in power. Also, Forrester receives an unusual message from an unknown sender.

No doubt, there will be some fallout from the Forrester-Kellett breakup and how that will shift the team dynamic.

It’s possible the “unknown sender” is actually Forrester’s long-missing traitorous mother as Elizabeth Mitchell will be playing the part in future episodes. 

FBI: Most Wanted has El Pincho as the team hunts an escaped drug lord. 

The team searches for a notorious Colombian drug lord after he escapes from a U.S. prison. Also, Kristin begins to open up to her ex-husband about her past.

The episode might lay the groundwork for Jess’ upcoming exit from the series. It will also be interesting to see more in Gaines’ background as she’s hinted she had some tough assignments in the past. 

While some may be annoyed at another long break before fresh episodes, FBI Tuesdays will still have some good excitement to fire up the winter break. 

FBI Tuesdays begin with FBI Season 4 on Tuesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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