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FBI: Most Wanted episode schedule change, season finale date revealed?

Nathaniel Arcand as Clinton Skye on FBI: Most Wanted cast. Pic credit: CBS

FBI: Most Wanted episodes are on the CBS schedule over the next two weeks, and it might provide a hint or two about the season finale for the new show.

First, it’s worth pointing out that the March 31 episode of FBI: Most Wanted won its time slot (again) for CBS. The bad news, though, was that viewership numbers were down for Episode 10 (by about 14 percent).

There are still some episodes of the FBI spin-off left to air on CBS this spring, even though the parent show just aired its own season finale.

It could be strange for viewers to see that there are more new episodes left for FBI: Most Wanted Season 1, but that FBI Season 2 has already come to a close.

This is due to the production of several shows getting shut down early.

That shutdown includes NCIS, which will not be able to finish filming the final four episodes of its current season.

FBI: Most Wanted episode schedule

Let’s get to the bad news first.

On Tuesday, April 7, CBS is going to be airing repeat episodes of every show.

The network is going to show FBI: Most Wanted Episode 4 again, which was called “Caesar” and dealt with Barnes going undercover to take down an ambitious gang leader.

Then, on Tuesday, April 14, CBS is going to air two new episodes of FBI: Most Wanted.

That should be an exciting night for the show, with the first episode taking over the 9/8c time slot from FBI and the second new one airing in its regular time slot.

When is the FBI: Most Wanted season finale?

It is now a bit unclear when the FBI: Most Wanted season finale will air on CBS. It’s possible that these are the final two episodes that got filmed and that the season finale will be the 10/9c episode on April 14.

That second episode is described as having the team race to capture a manipulative student that commits murder in a fit of jealousy. It is also advertised that Jess will teach Tali how to stand up to bullies.

That episode is called “Ride or Die,” and we had been under the impression that it would be followed by an episode called “Grudge” on the CBS schedule.

It’s unclear if “Grudge” finished filming, but if it did, it would likely air on April 21. If it wasn’t completed, then “Ride or Die” will be the season finale on April 14.

We will make sure to update our article if more episodes pop up on the schedule.

FBI: Most Wanted airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.