FBI: Most Wanted: Dylan McDermott previews the new agent

Dylan McDermott
Dylan McDermott as Agent Remy Scott on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

FBI: Most Wanted is about to welcome a new agent. 

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode, CBS has shared the first footage of the new Fugitive Task Force agent Ray Cannon, played by Edwin Hodge.

It shows him meeting the team and having to hit the new job running as they need to investigate who bombed an IRS office. 

Dylan McDermott shared how this new agent sparks up the team and hints at what will come this season.

That includes tension between Remy Scott and a teammate and developments on Remy’s romantic front. 

This new agent and the growing developments in Remy’s life promise to bring more excitement for FBI: Most Wanted in Season 3. 

Meet the new agent on FBI: Most Wanted

The Season 3 premiere of FBI: Most Wanted explained that Ivan Ortiz (Miguel Gomez) had transferred to Los Angeles so he could keep an eye on his ailing father. 

This week’s episode, entitled Taxman, will introduce his replacement, Ray Cannon, played by Edwin Hodge. CBS has now released a scene featuring Cannon’s introduction.

The scene opens with Remy (having just talked to Barnes) entering the team meeting room to see Ray meeting with Gaines and Hana. He shares Ray’s story of being born and raised in New Orleans, a top detective, and then the FBI.

After talking of Cannon on a desk job for a while, the man adds how he plays piano and was a champion football player in high school.

Remy then states Barnes had “a personal thing” to attend to and brings up the case as a man threw a bomb into an IRS office in Tennessee, killing an employee. 

Cannon speculates it could be a racial attack, while Gaines thinks it could be against the IRS itself. Remy says the IRS is just as worried to put offices on alert.

Barnes enters, and she and Cannon briefly talk about him being “the new guy” before the team goes to work.

Speaking to TV Insider, Dylan McDermott shared how Ray Cannon fits into the team and what he’ll bring to the Fugitive Task Force.

“He fits in beautifully with the team. He is a younger agent, a newer agent. There is some tension initially. There’s a couple bumpy moments for us as well, and that is worked out, but I think that he’s a great fit for the team. He’s smart, and he has special skills that Remy doesn’t have. And I think that Remy is really proud of this guy.”

Cannon will have to learn fast how the FBI team operates to stop this bomber from striking again. However, there’s a conflict within the team that might grow in this episode. 

What is Remy’s beef with Barnes?

In the Season 3 premiere, when Remy wanted to go undercover to track some gun dealers, Barnes (who had only just rejoined the team) warned him this was a bad idea. 

Barnes went so far as to bring up how “Jess would never do this,” referring to the team’s late former leader. Remy fired back, “I ain’t Jess.”

McDermott acknowledged there is still some conflict as Barnes is getting used to a new team leader and how the memory of Jess’s death is affecting Barnes. 

“I do think that there’s definitely the residual effects of Jess being gone and she’s walking into a whole new situation. The ghost of Jess is playing out a little bit in that. And you’re probably right, it could be the way I worked, the way he worked. So yeah, there’s definitely some bumps to the road with her and I, and I think that’s good because that’s what it’s like in life. You don’t just walk into a situation and things are rosy. I think there’s some things that have to be worked out between her and I, and I believe that we get there in this episode. But I think that Jess is still looming somehow.

Life is messy. It’s not perfect. Relationships are messy. Work relationships are messy, they have to be worked out. We certainly are having a bit of a conflict, but I believe by next week, there’s more of our relationship exposed. You’ll see us work things out.”

Remy also had some issues in the premiere, having to put his ailing mother into a nursing home but saw she was happier there. He also shared that upcoming episodes will show Remy is still dating Judge April Brooks (Wendy Moniz).

“We will see them together. We will see them go through what they go through. But I think that relationship really is probably something new and different for Remy. I think that he’s really trying to be present, and he’s trying to be loving and trying to be in some kind of relationship. And that’s not the easiest thing in the world for him.”

A planned episode will have Remy handling the news that the man who killed his brother is coming up for parole. However, when asked if there are any more personal cases, his reply showed how Remy approaches his work. 

“When you say personal cases, every case feels personal to him. When he takes something on, and he tackles a case, it is personal. That’s something that I really thought about when I took this role on because I didn’t want to be an FBI agent and go in and solve cases. I felt that was too easy. As long as I’m here on this show, I will personalize every single episode and case that I’m in because I think that’s who he is. I think that drives Remy. And it makes it compelling to play.”

With a new agent joining and some issues to handle with a teammate, Season 3 of FBI: Most Wanted is giving Remy Scott more chances to shine in the role as leader.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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