FBI: Most Wanted crossover with FBI coming this spring on CBS

FBI McMahon
Julian McMahon leads the FBI: Most Wanted cast as Jess LeCroix. Pic credit: CBS

An FBI: Most Wanted crossover is already in the works. The new spin-off series on CBS will crossover with its parent show, FBI, sometime this spring.

This was an expectation from fans as soon as it was announced that an FBI spin-off would debut on CBS this winter. Some viewers might also argue that the first crossover already took place last spring when many of the Most Wanted cast members appeared during an episode of FBI.

Now, executive producer Dick Wolf has confirmed the big news, letting people know the good news at the TCA winter tour panel on January 12. When asked specifically how the crossover would work, Wolf stated that people should “stay tuned.”

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It seems like this could be an easy endeavor, with a suspect on the run during an episode of FBI, forcing some of the members of the Fugitive Task Force to come over from FBI: Most Wanted to help out.

It’s also easy to assume that one of the Most Wanted cast members getting the call to help with the crossover will be actor Julian McMahon, who plays Agent Jess LaCroix.

Which actors and actresses will participate in the FBI crossover haven’t been officially revealed yet, but it should be pretty easy to make it work with the two Tuesday night shows. There are quite a few interesting names on the FBI: Most Wanted cast, though, so the writers have a lot to work with.

For CBS viewers who have enjoyed watching FBI, the spin-off is worth watching as well. During the series premiere, which aired last week, Henry Thomas (from E.T. and House on Haunted Hill) guest-starred as the primary fugitive.

The next new episode of FBI: Most Wanted will air on Tuesday, January 14, and the early previews make it look like a pretty exciting one.

FBI and FBI: Most Wanted air Tuesday nights at 9/8c and 10/9c on CBS.

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