FBI: International to lose its showrunner

Luke Kleintank
Luke Kleintank as Scott Forrester on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

FBI: International is going to be losing its chief boss. 

Derek Haas, who has handled showrunner duties on the series since it began, will depart Wolf Entertainment at the end of the current season. 

Haas will also be leaving Chicago Fire, which he co-created and has been a showrunner for since it began. 

Fans may be concerned, but Haas has confirmed that this will not be until the end of Season 2 and thus be able to wrap up any lingering plot threads and ideas. 

Haas has made it clear he is leaving on good terms with Wolf Entertainment in order to focus on some new shows of his own creation.

As this change won’t affect the series for a while, fans shouldn’t worry too much, yet a showrunner change can still be a big deal. 

Why is Derek Haas leaving FBI: International?

A former crime writer, Haas made his mark on television when he and Michael Brandt created Chicago Fire in 2012. 

The NBC hit soon spawned the One Chicago universe with Chicago PD, Chicago Med, and the short-lived Chicago Justice. Haas has been showrunner on all four series, although he has cut back to only handling Chicago Fire. 

When FBI: International was developed in 2021, Haas was chosen as its showrunner. While the series is a challenge filming overseas, Haas has done a good job handling it. 

In a statement to Variety, Haas explained that he wants to create original series and will be departing both FBI: International and Chicago Fire at the end of their current seasons. 

Haas explained he is grateful for this opportunity and for entertaining fans. 

“Although I am leaving Wolf Entertainment next year to focus on creating new shows, I’m entirely committed to delivering amazing episodes of Chicago Fire and FBI: International through the end of the current seasons. I learned everything I know about storytelling, pace, characters, production values, and hiring the best cast, crews, and staffs from Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski, and as hard as it is to leave a place you love and have called home for over a decade, including incredible support from Universal Television, NBC and CBS, I look forward to building my own brand in entertainment.”

While a showrunner change can be a big deal, FBI: International fans shouldn’t expect too many changes yet.

How will Derek Haas leaving affect FBI: International?

Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie Kellett on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Currently, FBI: International is taking a brief break before returning for new episodes on November 15. 

The series remains a ratings success and has already been renewed through Season 3. 

The show has focused on more personal storylines, such as the on-off relationship between team leaders Forrester and Kellett. Yet it also has the action FBI fans have come to enjoy. 

There is no word yet on who Haas’ replacement will be, as the change won’t occur until after Season 2 ends next May. Thus, Wolf Entertainment has plenty of time to prepare for a new showrunner. 

Haas had briefly been showrunner for the mothership FBI series before handing duties to Rick Eid, who simply kept up the same style of storytelling. It’s likely whoever replaces Haas won’t try to change FBI: International too much.

While this change is a ways off, a new showrunner could change up things and give FBI: International a more exotic feel for its amazing missions.

FBI: International Season 2 returns with new episodes Tuesday, November 15 at 9/8c on CBS.

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