Fans worry Sean Murray is leaving NCIS after post

McGee NCIS 20
Sean Murray still plays Agent Timothy McGee on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS star Sean Murray worried some of his fans when he made a post on social media today.

Murray has played Agent Timothy McGee on the NCIS cast for 20 years now, making him the longest-tenured part of the show.

After all of those years on the show, it would not be surprising if Murray wanted to try new projects, but it would still be shocking if he announced that he was exiting the show.

Taking to Twitter, Murray wrote, “close the accounts, fold up the tents take the air out the bounce, I’m sorry friends this is my house, I’m burning it.”

This has immediately led to some fans feeling that Murray is making a veiled announcement that he is leaving NCIS.

Other people seem to feel that this is a reference to what is going on with Twitter and how a lot of people are choosing to leave the site.

The meaning behind Sean Murray’s tweet

It appears that Murray was quoting a song called Strong and Wrong by Dead Cross and that it might not have anything to do with exiting NCIS or leaving Twitter.

In the past, Murray has also noted that he is a big fan of Dead Cross, so quoting their song would be on-brand for him. He may just enjoy the lyrics enough to share them, and that doesn’t necessarily mean he is announcing anything.

As for the song itself, the official lyrics read, “Close the accounts, fold up your tents. Take the air out the bounce. I’m sorry friends, this is my house and I’m burnin it!”

Sean Murray Tweet
Sean Murray posts to Twitter. Pic credit: @SeanHMurray/Twitter

Fans post their concerns about Sean Murray leaving NCIS, Twitter

“What is happening? You mean Twitter?” user Patti Lipscomb asked Sean Murray on Twitter.

Several other followers also shared that thought and expressed their concerns.

Fans Worried About Murray
Fans worried Murray is leaving Twitter. Pic credit: @PattiLipscomb/Twitter

Then there were the people who are worried that an NCIS exit for Sean Murray led to the tweet.

“Hope this doesn’t mean you’re leaving NCIS!” wrote one of those fans.

Other fans weighed in as well, with some of their posts shared below.

Fans Worried About NCIS Exit
Some fans worry about a Sean Murray NCIS exit. Pic credit: @acunasnecktat/Twitter

More news from NCIS Universe

The big NCIS winter hiatus is coming up on the CBS schedule, which brings an end to the episodes from 2022.

Some good news is included in it, though, as the NCIS Universe crossover date was revealed.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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