Family Feud contestants get ‘banned’ for grinding on Steve Harvey during Fast Money round

steve harvey Friends of the Family Annual Gala
Steve was bombarded by a duo of dancers on stage. Pic credit: ©

A couple of Family Feud contestants took their enthusiasm too far, and host Steve Harvey wasn’t having it.

When it came time for the Reischel family to play the Fast Money round, they sent Jenni and Jessie to the stage to try and win $20,000 for their team.

Steve called over to the Reischel’s podium, announcing, “Hey, you ain’t gonna believe it, Jenni, but you did it!”

“Gimme two people right now. Let’s go,” Steve said as Jenni and her teammate Jessie approached the stage. “We’re playing. We got Jenni. [This is] Jenni’s dream come true.”

Jenni was clearly over the moon to be joining Steve Harvey in front of the audience, as evidenced by her non-stop dance moves.

As Jessie joined Jenni on the opposite side of Steve, she danced incessantly.

Family Feud contestants irritate Steve Harvey with their dance moves

Although the ladies were dancing up a storm and thoroughly enjoying themselves, Steve became irritated by their excessive dancing.

The 67-year-old yanked his hand away from Jenni’s and tried to escape the ladies, but they didn’t let up.

Jessie worked her way over to Steve, grinding on him with her backside, and soon, Jenni joined in, creating a Steve Sandwich.

Steve crossed his eyes in the hilarious segment and pretended to pray, mouthing the words, “Help me, Father,” as Jenni and Jessie relentlessly danced around him.

The clip was shared on Family Feud’s official Instagram feed, and at the end of the video, an icon of a stamp reading “BANNED” appeared across the screen.

The hilarious Reel was captioned, “#SteveHarvey: “Give me two people.” For Fast Money?? 💃🏻💰💃🏻 Nope ➡️ Dance-off! Jenni FTW!! #FamilyFeud.”

While Steve played it off as though he wasn’t amused, Family Feud viewers at home certainly were.

Family Feud viewers were amused by Jenni and Jessie’s shenanigans

Some Family Feud fans felt Jenni and Jessie should have been allowed to relish in their moment since it was their dream.

“May not have that opportunity again. That was on their bucket list,” wrote @jenncanty. “Live your best life.”

Another Instagram user commented that Jenni and Jessie “waited their whole life for that moment.”

family feud viewers comment on jenni and jessie dancing on instagram
Family Feud fans weigh in. Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

Others joked about Steve losing his patience and appreciated the humor in the moment.

@martha.isabelj admitted she couldn’t stop laughing at the video, adding, “Steve you are so awesome. So cool about it.”

Bringing Steve’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, into the conversation, another viewer joked “Marjorie bout to appear any second.”

“He’s got two strands of patience left! Hilarious!” added another commenter, referring to Steve Harvey.

Another Family Feud fan joked and reminded fellow viewers, “Ma’am, This is a FAMILY SHOW!”

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Not Bob
Not Bob
6 days ago

I think what got her banned was the last part, when she was shaking her booty in front of Steve’s… lower extremities. This is Family Feud, not Feudly F**k.

Jack the rock
Jack the rock
6 days ago

Steve, you’re right some people will do anything for 15 minutes of fame, they should grow up and act like an adult.

4 days ago

Their behavior is repugnant. Show some class, “ladies,” and don’t try to bring Steve Harvey unknowingly down to your level with you. I’d have been upset if they had done it to me.