Steve Harvey calls Family Feud the ‘most ridiculous’ game on TV, viewers sound off

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A Family Feud contestant’s answer prompted Steve Harvey to call the show the most “ridiculous” on TV. Pic credit: ©

Family Feud contestants often get away with being awarded correct answers when, in reality, their responses don’t match what’s on the board, and viewers have had enough.

Typically, Family Feud teams only need to come up with a few answers to clear the board and take the win, so oftentimes, those survey answers are quite specific.

So when a recent contestant gave a roundabout answer but was still given the credit for a correct response, Family Feud viewers sounded off.

A contestant named Mandi from the Littleton family took her turn at her family’s podium and was asked by host Steve Harvey to name something “Superman would take off his cape to do.”

“He would take off his cape when he, um, goes to like a charity function,” was Mandi’s reply, but she quickly realized it didn’t come out exactly the way she wanted it to.

Steve was a bit confused by Mandi’s answer, too, and asked her to explain what she meant by her response.

Family Feud contestant gives a confusing answer

Mandi defended her answer, telling Steve that when Superman goes out in public and he’s “not Superman,” he would remove his superhero cape.

Mandi realized that her answer still didn’t make much sense, as she and her teammates laughed at her explanation.

Steve reiterated Mandi’s answer to the camera, announcing, “He takes his cape off to not be Superman,” eliciting laughter from the studio audience.

“You got it?” Steve asked Family Feud’s producers, admitting, “I have no idea what she’s talking about.”

Mandi was a good sport about it, realizing that her answer was not likely on the board, telling Steve, “Show us the X,” anticipating zero points for her survey response.

Mandi is shocked to see her answer on the board

But shockingly, Mandi was awarded a correct answer in the number-six slot, which read, “Dress as Clark Kent,” putting five points on the board for the Littletons.

Mandi and Steve’s reactions said it all — while Mandi looked shocked and celebrated, Steve stared at the camera with a smug expression on his face, proclaiming, “This is the most ridiculous game on television.”

Family Feud shared Mandi’s clip in an Instagram Reel captioned, “What’s something #Superman would take off his cape to do?? 🤔🤔🤔 #SteveHarvey: ‘This is the most ridiculous game on television.’ #FamilyFeud,” and in the comments section, viewers at home expressed their dismay.

There were quite a few fans of Family Feud who felt as though Mandi was given some leniency for her answer and that producers need to crack down on giving correct answers to such imprecise answers.

Family Feud viewers protest Mandi’s correct answer

“This is what gets me,” began one grumbler. “The answer on the board is different from what the contestant says.”

In response, @slambodog rationalized that during the 100-person survey, answers are “lumped together” into generalized responses.

family feud viewers complain about contestants' answers on instagram
Family Feud viewers think contestants’ answers should be more specific and match the answers on the board. Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“It’s the spirit of the law that counts not the letter of the law,” added @jeanellemurray.

Another perturbed Family Feud viewer added that watching the episode, they immediately knew that Mandi’s answer should have been, “BE CLARK KENT!”

“These contestants need to stop making it hard on themselves AND Steve!” they griped. “I knew what she meant, but she was going in circles.”

“ALL she had to say was ‘be Clark Kent.'”

@angelparilli commented on the fact that Mandi was shocked her answer made it to the board, adding, “That WAS NOT the answer she had in mind 😂.”

Regardless of whether Mandi should have been awarded with a correct response or not, she redeemed herself during the Fast Money round.

After her teammate put up a mere 66 points on the board, Mandi came up with the remaining 134 and then some, earning the Littletons the $20,000 grand prize.

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14 days ago


Bill chertok
Bill chertok
8 days ago
Reply to  PAT SCAB

The problem is the producers the only reason I watch it is because Steve is funny and a good host. We know you give points to the most likeable team if he is gone we will watch something else

7 days ago

That was totally unacceptable. You don’t go around grinding your butt on no one. That was too up close and personal. I felt offended and it’s not even my husband

Debbie Stoffel
Debbie Stoffel
6 days ago

I agree that there should be very clear rules about close contact with the host and/or the contestants. Crossing that line should not ever happen. It’s a TV show, not a strip club.
Have some respect people !!

2 days ago

The dancing was the most inappropriate thing ever. They should be band.