Steve Harvey gets in Family Feud contestant’s face and slams card: ‘Like we gonna let you get away with this!’

steve harvey Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollyood, CA
Steve Harvey put a Family Feud contestant in his place. Pic credit: © Bukley

A contestant’s answer astonished Steve Harvey so much that the Family Feud host couldn’t help but confront him.

During a round of Family Feud, Steve read a survey question to one of the teams, and things quickly got out of control.

“Give me a word or phrase that means naked,” Steve asked Arvell, who was up for his family’s team.

“Uh, can I say Nekkid?” Arvell answered.

Arvell spelled out N-E-K-K-I-D, adding a “Bing!” sound effect because he was certain it was on the board.

Steve asked Arvell if he thought that since he was pronouncing the word “naked” differently it would magically appear on the board.

Steve Harvey pokes fun at a Family Feud contestant’s answer

“You can’t possibly be trying to pull that off on national TV,” Steve said as he approached Arvell at his family’s podium.

“You gonna sit up here on national TV and say, ‘Nekkid,’ and then point at the damn board?!” Steve shouted as he slammed his cue card on the podium.

“Like we gonna let you get away with this?” Steve continued, getting in Arvell’s face.

Arvell defended himself against Steve — who was clearly joking — and told the Family Feud host that he probably used the word “Nekkid” in one of his comedy routines.

But Steve reminded Arvell, “This is Family Feud. This ain’t a comedy routine!”

Family Feud viewers were amused by Steve and Arvell’s on-air shenanigans

The humorous interaction was shared in an Instagram Reel on Family Feud’s official Instagram feed and was captioned, “What’s another way to say naked?? 🤔🤔🤔 Arvell makes #SteveHarvey SNAP! #FamilyFeud.”

Viewers at home expressed their appreciation for the exchange, and there were plenty of crying-laughing emojis in the comments section, along with some funny commentary from viewers.

“He had enough 👏👏👏,” wrote one Family Feud viewer.

@missevestorm_ladyprimrosesyke added, “Get ‘em sir😂👏👏👏👏.”

family feud viewers' comments on instagram
Family Feud viewers appreciated Steve and Arvell’s comedic exchange. Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

“The way the card smacked the table like he was playing spades 😂😂😂,” added @sierramignon.

Another Instagram user joked, “He tried it with Steve 😂😂😂.”

Steve’s work as a comedian makes his job at Family Feud look effortless

Steve sure knows how to entertain Family Feud viewers. With his background in stand-up comedy, he is in his element, cracking jokes in front of a live audience.

The 67-year-old father of seven got his start in show business when he was offered a job as a comedian on Showtime at the Apollo.

Steve was an instant success and has furthered his career as a game show host, talk show host, and business owner.

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Judy Truitt
Judy Truitt
22 days ago

I love Steve Harvey! I watch him everyday that I can

Conellia mable
Conellia mable
21 days ago

Steve harvies book was the best of short books. With no teeth , my spelling sounds like. nakked

20 days ago

I enjoy Family Feud