Exclusive: Parker Schnabel injured by high-pressure hose on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail

Parker Schnabel is injured by an out-of-control high-pressure hose on tonight’s episode of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail — and our exclusive footage shows the dramatic moment as it unfolds.

The low-tech and stripped-down mining techniques the team encounter in Guyana are a 180-degree shift from what Parker is used to in the Yukon, and tonight things nearly end in disaster.

In the clip, Parker is in charge of a highly pressurized jet hose that could easily kill if it gets away from the person holding it.

The job of controlling it is the most dangerous on the mine, as it’s shooting out 700 gallons of water per minute with unpredictable surges in pressure.

Parker is warned about what to do if it does get away from him, as a runaway hose could prove lethal to anyone in its path.

Moments later, as the cameras roll, Parker suddenly loses control and the hose shoots from his hand before hurtling through the air — nearly hitting Parker with its full force as other team members run for cover.

Parker Schnabel losing control of hose on Gold Rush: Parker's Trail
Parker talks to the camera and, inset, as he loses control of the hose on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail
Parker is warned to keep control of the hose, or face potentially catastrophic consequences
Parker and the team run for cover
Parker and the team run for cover as the hose hurtles around out of control

The drama begins as Rick Ness uses one of the mine’s hoses to get rocks and mud into a pit where team-member Karla Ann is working.

Always lighthearted, he jokingly says: “I just got to wash this s*** into the pit, man. I’m not intentionally trying to get Karla…just trying to do my job.”

In this two-pump operation, one power source gives juice to the hoses that create the slurry, while another pumps the rocky muddy sludge up into a sluice box.

Wearing a hat and looking like she’s ready for a shower, Karla is deep in the pit keeping rocks and debris away from the suction hose so the operation keeps running smoothly.

Revealing one of the many dangers of this rudimentary mining technique, she says: “I touched the suction underneath, it’s like quite intense and easily it can rip your fingers off.”

Before disaster strikes, Parker is shown how to hold the hose and warned not to lose control of it.

He seems pleased that the team are finally making progress, saying: “I’ve been itching to get to a good operation that finally moves some dirt.”

But watch the clip below as seconds later things change in an instant — with nearly disastrous consequences.

This week’s episode of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail comes after last week’s Season 2 premiere proved a smash hit for Discovery, rising to series highs (2.63million viewers) in the coveted 25-54 demographic.

It was also Friday night’s #1 cable telecast across all people in that age bracket, while the network’s other show Bering Sea Gold ranked #2.

The two big hits made Discovery cable’s #1 network during prime time on Friday in the 25-54 slot.

Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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