Exclusive: Lee Rodriguez and Megan Suri chat about Never Have I Ever Season 2

Promotional stills from Never Have I Ever.
Megan Suri and Lee Rodriguez star in Never Have I Ever. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s coming-of-age comedy Never Have I Ever doesn’t shy away from tackling tough topics like grief, mental health, LGBT+ issues, and sexism. It has stayed consistent and refreshingly diverse for its two seasons on the streaming platform, earning high ratings from critics and viewers.

Starring in the series as the queer robotics nerd Fabiola Torres is the 21-year-old actor Lee Rodriguez. Speaking to Monsters & Critics about her arc this season, she told us, “Fabiola’s story continues, in a way, from Season 1. She has this huge moment of realization in Season 1 where she’s like, I’m gay, and she comes out. And for her, she probably thinks life is going to get easier. But it doesn’t.”

Megan Suri also navigates a complication storyline this season, where situations aren’t exactly as they seem. Suri is a newcomer to the Never Have I Ever cast, joining the team to play the new student Aneesa. Throughout the season, her character battles a life-changing betrayal and some heavy issues related to mental health.

While Suri was excited to join the cast, she expressed that she is glad that she didn’t know all of the intricacies of her character before auditioning, as, in hindsight, that could have held her back. Suri told us, “Now think about it, I didn’t really know much about Aneesa’s storyline and the depth and complexities of her character. I’m super glad that I didn’t just because I probably would have overanalyzed it and done too much.”

Monsters & Critics had the opportunity to chat with Lee Rodriguez and Megan Suri about their characters in Never Have I Ever.

Check out our full interview below.

Lee Rodriguez on Fabiola’s storyline this season

Fabiola had an exciting storyline this season, as she navigated her relationship with her first girlfriend. As time goes on, it’s discovered that they’re polar opposites and that Fabiola doesn’t fit in with her girlfriend’s friends. Sticking to her nerdy guns, Fabiola finds herself stuck at a few crossroads.

Speaking about her character’s journey this season, Rodriguez shared, “In Season 2, she kind of has this internalized battle of, like, I want to fit in, I want to be in this relationship. But I also like robotics and I don’t want to lose sight of who I am. And that’s something that I was really excited to explore.”

Megan Suri on joining the Never Have I Ever cast

Prior to the second season airing, fans were incredibly intrigued by Suri’s new character, Aneesa. In the Season 2 trailer, she is introduced as a major source of jealousy for the show’s main character Devi. However, as the season ticks by, she is revealed to be a really cool character and Devi ends up being the one who messes up.

Speaking about joining the cast of Never Have I Ever, Suri shared with us, “I’m so honored and stoked that they all thought that I was like the person to play Aneesa. that’s insane. I’m super grateful.”

She added, “I auditioned once on VHS tape, and then like a week and a half later I got the call that I was approved by producers, and then within a few weeks I was on the set. It all just happened so fast, but it felt really right.”

Never Have I Ever is currently streaming on Netflix.

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