Everything to know about Netflix thriller Lockwood & Co

Selfie of Ruby Stokes who will act as Lucy Carlyle
Everything to know about upcoming Netflix series Lockwood & Co, where Ruby Stokes will play Lucy Carlyle. Pic credit: @rubystokess/Instagram

Netflix’s adaptation of Lockwood & Co is coming this year and fans are anxiously awaiting the new supernatural thriller series. Set to be eight episodes, each approximately 60 minutes long, the show follows the young adult novel series by Jonathan Stroud.

The series is set to start with an adaptation of the first novel in the series titled The Screaming Staircase, but it’s possible more than one book will be covered in one season. 

The show is currently in post-production as it’s being prepared to air. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about the thrilling series. 

What is Lockwood & Co about?

Lockwood & Co follows a group of gifted teenage ghost hunters as they delve into deadly battles with dangerous ghosts and spirits, basically every night. Along with ghosts, they have to compete against corporate and adult-run agencies, making a name for themselves as a tiny ghost-hunting business staffed by two teenage boys and one gifted girl.

As with many young adult stories, the trio discovers a mystery that begins to unfold with their work, and of course, that mystery will change the course of history as they know it.

The teenagers bound to change the course of history are none other than Anthony Lockwood, George Karim, and Lucy Carlyle. In order, the trio will be portrayed by Cameron Chapman, Ali Hadji-Hashmati, and Ruby Stokes.

When will Lockwood & Co come out?

At this time, Netflix has not released an official trailer or release date for Lockwood & Co. However, the series is in post-production, so we could see it on the streaming platform before the end of this year.

Production began in July 2021 before officially concluding on March 17, 2022. The lead director is Joe Cornish, with executive producers Nira Park and Rachael Prior. They worked with production company Complete Fiction to adapt the series.

Who stars in Lockwood & Co?

Alongside the main stairs Ruby Stokes, Cameron Chapman, and Ali Hadji-Heshmati, fans will see a few other familiar actors and actresses in the new series.

Ivanno Jeremiah, Jack Bandeira, Luke Treadaway, Morven Christie, Ben Crompton, Hayley Konadu, Rhianna Dorris, and Paddy Holland are all set to make an appearance.

Ruby Stokes is more commonly known for her role as Francesca on Netflix’s regency drama Bridgerton, but she left Bridgerton to do Lockwood & Co instead. Jack Bandeira is known for his roles in Gunpowder Milkshake and The Duke, and fans have seen Morven Christie in BBC’s The A Word.

Lockwood & Co is currently in post-production with no set release date.

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