Euphoria: HBO ‘unsatisfied’ with early Season 3 scripts as series’ future hangs in the balance

Sydney Sweeney on Euphoria.
Euphoria’s latest delay could spell doom for the show. Pic credit: HBO

Will Euphoria Season 3 ever see the light of day?

That’s been the big question ever since stars like Jacob Elordi and Sydney Sweeney soared in popularity after the release of Euphoria Season 2 in 2022.

Zendaya, who headlines the Emmy-winning drama, was a massive star before the show, and her career has continued to go from strength to strength during a lengthy hiatus between Euphoria Season 2 and the planned Euphoria Season 3.

When rumors swirled last week that the show had been canceled, HBO quickly pointed out that the cast was expected to return for filming later.

According to Variety, the series’ future is uncertain due to a myriad of issues.

Creator Sam Levinson allegedly turned in scripts for the third season that left HBO “feeling unsatisfied.”

Zendaya was sidelined in early Euphoria Season 3 Script

As part of a creative overhaul, the plan was to sideline Zendaya, with her character becoming a private detective, “which HBO had immediately vetoed.”

Zendaya herself also pitched a storyline that found Rue sober as a twentysomething young woman and becoming a pregnancy surrogate.

Now that the show’s creative woes are public, HBO plans to conclude the show with a third and final season but hasn’t ruled out Levinson stepping aside.

Possibilities include a truncated episode order or a movie to wrap things up, but there’s truly no telling what could be on the horizon.

We do know that HBO promised to come back to everyone associated with the show on October 1, 2024, with a plan to get filming underway in 2025.

That allows the cast to take on other projects for the rest of the year. The show’s constant delays have caused many cast members to be out of work, including Nika King, who recently claimed she hadn’t paid her rent in months.

Euphoria Season 3 may never see the light of day

It certainly seems like there’s a chance Euphoria Season 3 will never see the light of day.

Given the show’s immense success, it makes sense that HBO would push back on certain storylines. Look at Game of Thrones. It had six great seasons, but it will always be remembered for the final two, which destroyed most of that good.

Euphoria has had plenty going on behind the scenes, including Barbie Ferreira walking away after the second season amid a rumored feud with Levinson.

We’ll keep you posted on any changes about the show as they are revealed.

Euphoria is currently on hiatus. Season 3 is expected to debut on HBO in 2025.

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