Euphoria star Nika King reveals she hasn’t paid her rent in 6 months amid Season 3 delay

Nika King on Euphoria
Nika King is speaking out about how Euphoria’s delay has changed her life. Pic credit: HBO/Eddy Chen

The lengthy delay for Euphoria Season 3 has had a financial impact on at least one of its stars.

Nika King, who plays Leslie Bennett in the HBO megahit, opened up about the situation during a stand-up comedy set.

Given that the show has been off the air for two years and production has yet to get back underway, it makes sense that fans are asking the stars at every opportunity when to expect new episodes.

Bennett noted that “Season 3 is coming out,” but she has no idea when.

“I don’t know when,” she added before conceding that “it’s one of those things.”

“People are like, ‘We need Season 3.’ I’m like, ‘B***h, I need Season 3. I haven’t paid my rent in six months.'”

Nika King believed her career was on the up when she booked Euphoria

Bennett plays the long-suffering mother of Zendaya‘s Rue Bennett in the drama series, which is expected to take a considerable time jump with its third season.

King joked that Zendaya was in Paris Fashion Week, and she was like, “Come home. I need you. Mama needs you.”

The actress spoke about her career since joining the series, revealing she thought her it would soar after booking the show.

“I thought I was good. It don’t work out that way,” she said.

Euphoria Season 3 was initially slated to launch in 2024, but due to the dual Hollywood strikes, production was delayed indefinitely.

Euphoria Season 3 is delayed for many reasons

Creator Sam Levinson was also focused on nurturing The Idol on HBO between seasons, but the show didn’t get the expected attention and was swiftly canceled.

Colman Domingo, who plays Ali, recently revealed that the most significant thing holding up the show is Levinson’s writing because he hasn’t yet landed on what the story will look like.

Another big hurdle is that Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, Hunter Schafer, and Sydney Sweeney are booked and busy, moving from blockbuster to blockbuster.

The profiles of those playing teenagers rose overnight when the show premiered in 2019, so there’s every reason to believe that the 2025 premiere date could be delayed again.

If the scripts aren’t ready and much of the cast is tied to projects for the next several months, aligning their schedules will be a big problem.

A possible road forward for Euphoria

The show may split everyone up to tell their individual stories about what happened to them post-high school before uniting everyone for an event nearer the end of the third season.

That could be the only way to make this work, but Hollywood magic always finds a way to bring things together when we least expect them.

Euphoria isn’t the only HBO show to be delayed. Hits like The Last of Us and The White Lotus also suffered huge setbacks.

However, both of those shows are reportedly already hard at work on their upcoming seasons, which will air in 2025.

Euphoria is currently on hiatus. Season 3 is slated to debut on HBO in 2025.

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