Ethan Choi leaving Chicago Med, but Brian Tee returns in new role

Dr Choi Chicago Med
Brian Tree played Dr. Ethan Choi on Chicago Med Season 8. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med showed Dr. Ethan Choi leaving the show at the end of the recent fall finale.

The news had been out for a while that the actor who played Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) wanted to spend more time with his family, so a lot of viewers knew to expect what was coming.

Despite the lengthy lead time to the exit of Dr. Choi, Chicago Med fans have still taken it hard that one of the main characters of the show has left.

This follows in the steps of several other people leaving the show, so some new people will be featured at the hospital very soon.

The good news is that Ethan is still alive within the world of One Chicago, so that door is wide open if Brian ever wants to come back as a full-time character.

Even better news is that Brian Tee is returning to Chicago Med, even though it will be in a different role this time around.

Brian Tee set to direct Chicago Med

Much like how Jesse Lee Soffer is returning to Chicago P.D., Brian Tee is back on the set of Chicago Med as a director. This means that Brian will be behind the camera instead of in front of it, possibly giving future episodes a new slant.

The official announcement only linked him to one episode that will air later in Season 8, but it’s definitely possible that he could be tasked with directing more than one if it goes well.

New Chicago Med cast members

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, a new actress has joined the Chicago Med cast. We already saw her pop up during the fall finale, but she is in line to have a much bigger role when the show returns this winter.

With that huge cliffhanger from the Chicago Med fall finale, things could be very dramatic during the second half of the current television season. It also presents the opportunity for more people to join the world of One Chicago.

One such actor who will see more action in the back half is Devin Kawaoka, who now plays Dr. Kai Tanaka-Reed on the show. He is featured in the scene shared below.

For fans who want to go back and watch the episode that features Dr. Ethan Choi leaving Chicago Med, it is available for streaming on Peacock. That was Season 8, Episode 9, and it is called This Could Be the Start of Something New.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.