Chicago Med recap: A wedding, a tearful goodbye, and a cliffhanger

Chicago Med Wedding
S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin and Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood at the Chicago Med wedding. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med fall finale packed a lot of content into one hour, culminating with the long-awaited wedding of Dr. Ethan Choi and Nurse April Sexton.

Early in the episode, though, there were a lot of events taking place that hinted at possibly delaying the wedding or taking attention away from it.

Dr. Will Halstead had a patient who really needed the new operating room that Dr. Crockett Marcel was put in charge of, thanks to the hospital’s new lead donor.

Called OR 2.0, it gave Crockett a lot of innovative tools that he was able to use to save the life of a terminal patient. That could lead to some interesting surgeries down the road.

Elsewhere, Dr. Daniel Charles was trying to help an elderly patient while also coming across a custodial worker from the hospital who sang at the piano bar he was now trying out.

Charles seems to have developed a crush, and after some nervous internal debate, he asked her out for coffee. She agreed to it, and they went out on a date.

We also learned that Dr. Dean Archer is experiencing some kidney problems due to the self-treatment he was giving himself for injuries he suffered earlier in the season. That’s something that will likely be a big plot point in the back half of the season.

Family drama at Chicago Med

The most dramatic patient was there to see Ethan, and it turned out to be April’s dad, who was experiencing chest pains. Ethan put him through a number of tests and figured out that minor heart surgery would be needed in the near future, but that it wasn’t emergency level.

And some drama surfaced for Nurse Maggie Lockwood when Greg (her ex) came back in due to leg problems. Maggie’s husband Ben also arrived at the hospital with some cupcakes and learned that Maggie hadn’t told him about the car accident. He wasn’t pleased and accused Maggie of having an affair before storming out.

The big Chicago Med wedding

It was finally time for the big Chicago Med wedding, and Roland Buck III returned to the show as April’s brother, Noah Sexton.

Many faces from Chicago Med were in attendance, and the wedding ceremony was beautiful. It felt a tad rushed in the final two minutes of the episode, but the writers treated the characters of April and Ethan very well.

These were also the final moments that actors Brian Tee and Yaya DaCosta will be on the show. Their characters (Ethan and April) are starting a mobile clinic together to offer medical care in underserved neighborhoods of Chicago.

They will still exist within the world of One Chicago, though, so we should never rule out one or both of them returning to the show at some point in the future.

A Chicago Med cliffhanger

It wouldn’t be a One Chicago show without a cliffhanger, and this one arrived just as Ethan and April were driving away for their honeymoon.

The head lawyer let Sharon Goodwin know that Jack Dayton (the businessman who had been donating a lot of money and resources to the hospital) had just purchased a controlling stake in the hospital. That could lead to a lot of internal politics during the rest of Season 8.

A long winter hiatus has now begun for the One Chicago shows. Until then, all of the previous episodes are available for streaming on Peacock.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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