Elizabeth Beisel gives Ponderosa interview after getting voted off Survivor

Elizabeth Fire Out
Host Jeff Probst extinguishes Elizabeth Beisel’s torch at Tribal Council on the eleventh episode of Survivor 39. Pic credit: CBS

Elizabeth Beisel was voted off during the latest episode of Survivor. Now, CBS has revealed her Ponderosa interview, showing how she has dealt with becoming the newest member of the Island of the Idols jury.

Elizabeth is a very successful Olympic swimmer who joined the Survivor 39 cast to see if she had what it takes to win the reality competition show. Due to a twist of fate in the latest episode, she finished in ninth place.

Below is a video filmed immediately after Elizabeth was eliminated from the game. She speaks about it being bittersweet and that she was upset to get voted off. She noted how she wanted to be sleeping with the tribe and then she got to meet the doctor who evaluates each competitor as they leave the game.

When she started this season, she revealed that she was at 150 pounds. When she was weighed during her exit examination, she had lost 11 pounds during the competition.

The happiest moment of the video came when Elizabeth got to see the menu of foods she could request to have prepared for her as she entered Ponderosa. It also seemed like another amazing experience for her, as she got to enjoy her arrival at Ponderosa. Though she was voted out, she was able to see some familiar faces again.

For new viewers to the show, Ponderosa is where the cast members get sent after they are eliminated from the show. It serves as a hotel for the jurors who get to then attend each Tribal Council and enjoy themselves at the locale until it is time to place finale votes on the season winner.

This particular video showed an interesting side of the first six jurors, which isn’t something you always get to see during the edited version of a season. For Elizabeth, she almost seemed like a different person, as she had let her guard down to enjoy the people and some freshly prepared lobster.

Her reaction to air conditioning was also pretty amusing. And then it was time to see her brother for the first time in over a month. We will all see her again at the Tribal Council during Episode 12.

Survivor: Island of the Idols airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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