Eddie Barrett on NCIS: New Orleans — Cast brings back actor Eddie Cahill

Pride On NCIS
Special Agent Dwayne Pride is played by Scott Bakula on NCIS: NOLA cast. Pic credit: CBS

The character of Eddie Barrett returned to the NCIS: New Orleans cast on Tuesday night. Actor Eddie Cahill was back to play the part, presenting a lot of drama for viewers to see before a short hiatus of the show.

The episode began with Barrett in court and Pride (Scott Bakula) watching from the side. The lawyer for the accused murderer of Christopher Lasalle (played by Lucas Black) had an alibi to present for his client.

The crux of this case was that the alibi witness was a charter fisherman who had been hired to take Barrett out on the water during Lasalle’s murder. The character was very believable, putting the NCIS team in a difficult position. Could they act fast enough to find evidence to keep the judge from releasing Barrett?

With his back to the wall, Pride concocted a plan to simply have Barrett released so that his team could follow him and hope that they got led them to some concrete evidence.

Below is a scene starring Cahill as Barrett in the episode titled Conviction.

Without giving away too many NCIS: New Orleans spoilers, the character arc of Eddie Barrett did not get completed during the November 26 episode of the show. He will be back.

The type of villain that actor Eddie Cahill is playing on the show is of particular interest to viewers of a drama like NCIS: NOLA because of his methods. Coming off as smarmy and above the law, while at the same time exuding confidence and intelligence that would make him tough to catch, Barrett is a great midseason antagonist.

There is now just one new episode left for the show on Tuesday nights before CBS makes a big move in the schedule. It’s not surprising that there have been a number of fans frustrated about the move, and it could get even worse for viewers who might not have noticed that the show is moving to a new time slot.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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