NCIS: New Orleans spoilers: Fall finale date, episode synopsis revealed

NCIS: New Orleans spoilers now include an episode synopsis for the fall finale. The unfortunate news is that NOLA fans still have a few weeks to wait until the next new episode airs on CBS. The NCIS: New Orleans episode for tonight (December 3) is a rebroadcast from early in Season 5. Stacy Keach guest


Eddie Barrett on NCIS: New Orleans — Cast brings back actor Eddie Cahill

The character of Eddie Barrett returned to the NCIS: New Orleans cast on Tuesday night. Actor Eddie Cahill was back to play the part, presenting a lot of drama for viewers to see before a short hiatus of the show. The episode began with Barrett in court and Pride (Scott Bakula) watching from the side.


Who plays Eddie Barrett on NCIS: New Orleans cast? Eddie Cahill returns to CBS

Eddie Barrett joins the NCIS: New Orleans cast for an all-new episode of the show. He also might seem very familiar to CBS viewers who have been watching the network for years. Barrett is very recognizable as Don Flack, whom he played for years on the CSI: NY cast. He appeared on nearly 200 episodes