Did Mattie Breaux film Floribama Shore Season 3?

Mattie Breaux during a Party Down South confessional.
Mattie may be on Floribama Shore. Pic credit: CMT

Floribama Shore was renewed for a third season on MTV. Season 3 began filming back in June and the cast already wrapped and returned to social media.

It was confirmed that the original cast would return to film Season 3 of Floribama Shore, including Gus Smyrnios who alluded that the second season would likely be his last.

The location moved from Panama City to St. Petersburg for the new season, though that may not be the only new thing for their summer vacation!

There is some speculation that Mattie Breaux may have popped up on the Floribama Shore cast for Season 3. She tweeted about a new project around the same time the new season was announced and disappeared at the same time the cast took a social media hiatus.

Also, she returned to social media recently, just as the rest of the Floribama Shore cast did.

Some viewers may recognize Mattie Breaux from Party Down South. The show aired on CMT beginning in 2014 and garnered plenty of attention.

Mattie remained on the show through the ending in 2016. She was known for being a party animal, and when she drank too much, “Martha” would come out.

Mattie Breaux was also a part of MTV’s The Challenge alongside Gus Smyrnios. The two weren’t very well acquainted during the competition show. It definitely linked them and could serve as one of the reasons she was picked up for Floribama Shore.

Nothing has been confirmed by the network or by Mattie herself, but it is very likely she will be popping up in St. Petersburg alongside the cast of Floribama Shore. She has worked with the production company before, so connecting the dots wasn’t too difficult.

Floribama Shore is expected to return to MTV for Season 3 this fall.

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