Deputy season finale: New FOX show comes to an end

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Stephen Dorff as Sheriff Bill Hollister on Deputy. Pic credit: FOX

The Deputy season finale airs tonight on FOX and the writers have packed a lot of drama into the final hour.

After debuting in January, Deputy will have aired 13 straight episodes when it comes to a close with the Season 1 finale on March 26.

Deputy Season 1, Episode 13: Bulletproof

The tension has been building up for the entire first season of Deputy, especially since other people want to take Sheriff Bill Hollister’s job away from him.

One of the thorns in the side of Hollister (played by Stephen Dorff) has been Undersheriff Jerry London (Mark Moses). Jerry wants Bill’s job and has made no secret about that fact.

For the season finale, it wouldn’t be Deputy if Bill’s job wasn’t at risk again. But for this episode, there is something darker taking place within the department.

Below is the preview that FOX provided for the Deputy season finale:

An in-depth synopsis was also revealed by FOX for the episode called “Bulletproof,” and we are trying hard not to read too far into the title that they went with for this one.

Here is the Season 1, Episode 13 synopsis:

“When informants start turning up dead, everyone has to work together to find the leak in the department; Teresa and Cade deal with a major setback in the custody battle for their foster children; Bill gets stuck in a difficult position.”

Teresa and Cade subplot

It’s disappointing that Teresa (played by Natalia Cigliuti) and Cade (Brian Van Holt) continue to have a hard time simply trying to do the right thing. They really stepped up and decided to take on the difficult task of caring for two foster kids.

But that’s what makes for great television, as it will showcase the acting talents of these two as their characters try to keep custody of the kids they have come to know and love.

Deputy Season 2 still unclear

We still don’t have any concrete answers about whether or not FOX plans to order Deputy Season 2. If the season finale ended with some really good ratings numbers, it would certainly help push everything in the right direction.

Thursday nights at 9/8c is a tough time slot, especially going up against shows like Grey’s Anatomy on ABC and Mom over on CBS. It would be a tough spot for any new show to try to succeed.

The show does seem like a prime candidate to try out stunt casting for Season 2 and introduce more guest stars like when David Arquette was brought on as a villain in Season 1. That might draw in more viewers.

Regardless of what the future holds for the show, fans will want to tune in on Thursday, March 26 to see the Deputy season finale and find out what happens next with Sheriff Bill Hollister.

Deputy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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Bill Roedell
Bill Roedell
4 years ago

I really hope “Deputy” returns for another season. Ha I g watched police/cop shoes for years, this one’s a breath of fresh air. Steven Dorff and Mark Moses play their respective roles beautifully. The content, is also good week to week.

4 years ago

We love watching the Deputy!! I really hope they have a season 2.

4 years ago

We love watching the deputy!! I hope they have a season 2, we will be waiting to watch it come back on.

4 years ago

I hope they don’t cancell this show.. they cancelled my Hawaii 5-0. Bothe great shows..