Deputy recap: David Arquette guest stars as Roger Durbin on new episode

Bill On Deputy
Stephen Dorff as Sheriff Bill Hollister on the Deputy cast. Pic credit: FOX

This Deputy recap comes from February 13 on FOX. It was Episode 7 of the debut season for the show, and it was called 10-8 Search and Rescue.

After the previous week, where Dr. Paula Reyes was held hostage by a patient and his girlfriend, the press started camping outside of their house.

Sheriff Bill Hollister stated that they would eventually go away, but their daughter, Maria, wasn’t so sure.

An incident took place at the house, where someone from the media snuck on the property to film Maria while Bill and Paula were at their jobs.

It led to Maria reacting and pushing the guy to the ground. That would be wrapped up later when Paula came down hard on Maria but did some great parenting.

David Arquette guest stars on Deputy

The episode opened with a wildfire that was out of control in Los Angeles County. While the sheriff’s office was helping to evacuate people, a car was found abandoned on the road.

It had blood on the passenger side, leading Cade and the man who discovered it to fear something else was going on.

Through surveillance footage at a gas station, they learned that a man (David Arquette) and a girl were up in the area. The girl’s name was Tulsa, and she had been reported missing two years prior.

It got everyone worried that this mysterious man might be up to no good. While the fire began to rage close by, Sherrif Bill and his staff began focusing on finding the girl and the man who was with her.

Deputy Brianna Bishop gets hurt

Bishop (Bex Taylor-Klaus) was in an accident driving Bill around, leading to a stay in the hospital with a concussion. Having Bishop sidelined didn’t stop an also injured Bill from heading up to the mountains on horseback to help with the search.

An important scene played out later when Bishop decided to speak to Paula about results that had surfaced on a medical test. That scene is shared below:

Regarding that mountain search during the fire, to ensure viewers knew the man was up to no good, he was shown shooting two young campers that Tulsa stumbled across while trying to escape. It ramped up the tension about what was taking place.

Not to worry, though, folks, as the new sheriff was hot on the heels of a man named Roger Durbin.

It turned out that this wasn’t the first time that Roger Durbin had kidnapped a girl, and he was taking Tulsa up to the mountains to kill her in the same place he had killed many other girls.

Bill eventually caught up to Roger, and despite getting injured again, he took down the latest bad guy. The episode then had a segment revealing all the little girls this guy murdered over the years.

To wrap up the episode, though, Cade arrived home to talk with his wife, Teresa, about how the family was about to have three kids. Teresa is pregnant, and they are moving forward with adopting the two foster kids living with them.

Deputy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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