Deputy Season 2: Is show canceled or renewed by FOX?

Cade Deputy
Brian Van Hold as Detective Cade Ward on Deputy cast. Pic credit: FOX

Deputy Season 2 is hot on the minds of FOX viewers after the finale for Season 1 aired on Thursday night.

There are a lot of story threads that still need to be explored or completed, leaving a lot of room for more stories to be told in future seasons.

Despite the Deputy season finale airing, though, FOX has been really quiet about the future of the new show.

Deputy debuted in January and had a short season to see if viewers would tune in for it. Thirteen episodes later, the freshman season has come to an end.

Is Deputy canceled by FOX?

The good news that we can pass on is that Deputy has not been canceled. The show still has hope of finding a renewal from the network, especially since it is still getting a lot of positive buzz.

Another good thing going for the show is that the Deputy cast is a really strong one. Anchored by Stephen Dorff as Sheriff Bill Hollister, Yara Martinez as Dr. Paula Reyes, and Brian Van Hold as Detective Cade Ward, the show has a lot going for it.

Bex Taylor-Klaus has also been superb as Deputy Brianna Bishop, and the character is one that brings a lot of intelligence and excitement to every episode. Having Taylor-Klaus back on TV in the fall would be a good choice.

Season 1 Deputy ratings

Recent Deputy ratings have had the show landing in third place on Thursday nights at 9/8c for FOX. The show isn’t going to be able to keep up with Grey’s Anatomy on ABC or Mom on CBS, but there are still millions of people tuning in each week.

A really big thing that is working in favor of the show getting a renewal comes from the DVR viewers and people watching the show after it has already been aired live.

To put it in perspective, the show is getting about 2.5 to 2.6 million additional viewers who watch each episode through the DVR. A lot of those additional viewers are coming from the 18-49 aged demographic. This leads to total viewership numbers of more than six million (on average) each week.

Also, the show has seen an uptick in overall viewership over the past few weeks, so these signs make it seem likely that there will be a Deputy Season 2. If the season finale has good numbers, FOX could be well-served to bring it back again in the fall.

With the conclusion of Season 1, the long hiatus begins, and we will make sure to pass on any information the network reveals about Season 2 taking place.

Deputy aired 13 episodes during Season 1 on FOX and could return for the next television season.

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