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Deputy canceled: Low ratings bring end to new FOX show

Deputy Cast
Stephen Dorff and Bex Taylor-Klaus on Deputy cast. Pic credit: FOX

Deputy has been canceled by FOX. The new show recently completed its first season, but that will also likely be it’s last.

The bad news was revealed by the network and it appears that the low ratings during primetime episodes on Thursday nights ended up being the culprit.

As we previously reported, Deputy had been struggling to get viewers at 9/8c while going up against Grey’s Anatomy on ABC and Mom on CBS.

After the season finale aired on March 26, the average number of viewers per episode was marked at about 3.66 million. That doesn’t count people who watched it later on the DVR or through OnDemand.

Though there were some dedicated fans tuning in each week, it appears that FOX didn’t feel that the show would be a money-maker moving forward.

Deputy cast was strong

It’s a shame that the Deputy cast won’t be returning, especially since it was really strong.

Led by Stephen Dorff as Sheriff Bill Hollister, the writing worked very well for the ensemble cast and the supporting characters were equally impressive.

Some of the other notable Deputy cast members were Yara Martinez as Dr. Paula Reyes, Bex Taylor-Klaus as Deputy Brianna Bishop, Brian Van Holt as Detective Cade Ward, and Mark Moses as Undersheriff Jerry London.

Deputy also co-starred Danielle Mone Truitt as Charlie Minnick, Natalia Cigliuti as Teresa, and Shane Paul McGhie as Deputy Joseph Harris.

The plot of the show revolved around a career lawman who was thrust into the position of being the sheriff after the former office-holder died on the job. He brought his own way of doing things to the job, which, predictably, ruffled a lot of feathers in Los Angeles County.

No Deputy Season 2

There was a lot of character building during Deputy Season 1 and the groundwork had been set for many seasons to come.

It would have been very interesting to see where the show could have taken these characters and if more famous faces popped up as guest stars during Season 2 episodes.

Having Dorff as the lead was likely pretty expensive for producers, as he had recently found additional success starring on True Detective Season 3.

Hopefully, the talented members of the Deputy cast all find new shows to move on to, with people like Yara Martinez possibly heading back to their old shows (she was on Bull).

As of now, there have been no rumors of a new network picking up Deputy to try to resurrect it.

Deputy aired on FOX and is available OnDemand.

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  1. This is a great show! Because it was against Grey’s Anatomy, it showed that it was low ratings. Put it against a different show and you would see a ratings surge. I hope another network picks it up!!

  2. This is crap! I don’t watch much on Fox but LOVE this show. I am SO severely disappointed that it’s being canceled! Maybe like Longmire, Netflix can or will pick it up. Fox needs to get their s**t together. They cancel EVERY show I like, usually in the first season or 2. I don’t think I’ll be back. Thanks for NOTHING Fox Network. Now I know why I prefer the other 3 networks best!

  3. he best new show this year! Move it to another night and it would probably draw like crazy! Please other networks, pickup this terrific show — great cast, great stories, great writing!

  4. I think Fox is full of it. The Deputy is a good show. I can’t believe Greys Anatomy is better. Come on Fox. Pull your head out

  5. This show was great just needed a new night Thursday night is owned by greys anatomy and moms fox is one of the dumbest networks ever only thing done right was last man standing

  6. This show should still be on. I have been law enforcement since 2007 and this one show that is so true of how it is. Also we gotta know who wins the election gotta put it back on air

  7. Was disappointed to discover that there isn’t a second season. Loved the first season and was invested in the characters.

  8. You know sometimes tv networks end shows way to early, most need a season 2 to actually get a bigger fan base, people might not catch this show until next season. It was a great show I really hope someone picks it up, its worth more seasons.

  9. I like Deputy true to life/ what going to happen to children do they get adopted and does she has the baby, It a family show! What does each everyone’s family on the show? Please don’t leave us hanging? The whole show works together and it true to life / Please let there be Seson 2


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