Darwin from Succession: Actor Adam Godley sounds familiar because of this Netflix show

Adam Godley on the red carpet
Adam Godley attending a Netflix premiere. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Carrie Nelson

Succession brought a familiar face to Succession last night in an episode that might give some viewers uneasy memories of past elections.

The episode explores the problematic influences a news network can have on an election, especially when an even more problematic figure gets into bed with a news outlet before running for office.

Adam Godley made his first appearance on the show last night as a character named Darwin — a voting analyst trying his best to unpack the election drama.

But given the harsher story aspects of the show, Godley’s character might have been better suited for the name Murphy. If situations could go wrong, they did tragically.

The actor might look familiar but also sound familiar to some viewers.

Here is why Godley might look and sound familiar to Succession audiences.

Who is Adam Godley from Succession?

The British actor has a diverse career in acting spread out through various mediums. He has performed as an actor in motion pictures, television, and theater. Godley has been nominated for a Tony Award twice.

As a performer, his artistry has been used on radio. Godley’s first role was starring in a BBC Radio production of My Old Man (by Charles Hemingway.) What is more surprising is that he did this at the age of 9.

As a film and television actor, the Succession actor’s work spans over 70 titles. These high-profile projects include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Love Actually, Quantum of Solace, MadMen, Breaking Bad, and many more.

However, there is one series in particular where Godley plays a character in an unrecognizable fashion. Let’s say it’s one of the most popular academies at Netflix.

Adam Godley plays Pogo in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

While Godley does not provide the motion-capture performance of Pogo, he does make the chimpanzee sound refined, gentlemanly, and brilliant.

Godley has been voicing Pogo since the show premiered on Netflix in 2019, and his cadence gives Pogo such a disarming charm, juxtaposed to the chaotic wonders that are the Hargreeves children.

Below, readers can see a video of the Tony-nominated actor doing a lovely voice performance as Pogo during a funeral.

Godley’s presence almost stole the episode of Succession and continues to prove his versatile talents.

Although, after getting Wasabi in his eyes, we might have seen the last of Darwin.

Adam Godley can currently be seen on The Great at Hulu and will most likely return in The Umbrella Academy when the show eventually returns.

Succession airs on Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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