Could this key unlock the mystery on The Curse of Oak Island?

Rick Lagina and key on The Curse of Oak Island
Rick Lagina where he says “X marks the spot” and, inset, the key on The Curse of Oak Island

A key found among the archives of late treasure-hunter Fred Nolan could help unlock the mystery on The Curse of Oak Island, a new trailer for the show suggests.

Footage shows the skeleton key and detailed maps being examined in next week’s episode, titled A Key to the Mystery. The following week’s episode is intriguingly titled Unhinged.

It comes after a sea chest belonging to freemason and privateer Captain James Anderson and three other keys featured prominently early in this season.

Now it’s thought the new key and the maps could help solve the riddle behind the area on Oak Island known as Nolan’s Cross.

Nolan’s Cross, which has featured several times on the show before, is an arrangement of large boulders which it has previously been speculated could be arranged in the design of the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life in Jewish mysticism.

It’s believed the formation could be signifying something, perhaps pointing to where treasure or valuable artifacts are hidden on the island.

In the new sneak peek, as Rick Lagina examines the skeleton key he says: “Is this the key that unlocks the mystery? Is this the key to Nolan’s Cross?”

Footage also shows how the rocks “formed perfect lines” when mapped out on the island, while Rick Lagina is seen at one particular location saying: “This is X marks the spot.”

Footage from next week’s episode also shows work starting on what is believed to be the final hole dug by the team this year in their efforts to locate the legendary Chappell Vault and so-called Money Pit.

The new hole is set to be named DMT in tribute to Drake Tester, the son of Oak Island team member Craig Tester, who tragically passed away last year at the age of 16 as the result of a seizure disorder which he’d had since birth.

Last night’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island ended on a solemn note after Craig told his fellow team members that he did not plan to return to the island this year so he could return home to Travis City, Michigan, to be with his wife.

He said of Drake: “I think of him every day — I think of him always out here. I wish he could be here helping us, so it’s been a tough year. It’s time for me to head on home and help my wife who’s struggling through this too. So I’m appreciative for all the guys and I’m appreciative for Oak Island. But I think it’s done for me.”

Last night’s episode saw the team frustrated after their most promising dig site, known as H-8, failed to bring up anything of major significance despite many tantalizing clues earlier in the season that it would. However, it is believed they hit some sort of void.

The full description for next week’s episode reads: “A skeleton key and maps from Fred Nolan’s archives open a new door in the Lagina’s quest, while new evidence suggests a Templar connection to the lead cross found in Smith’s Cove.”

Watch the trailer below!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History. 

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