Cobra Kai: Who did John Kreese call at the end of Season 3?

Cobra Kai: Who did John Kreese call
Johnny, Kreese, and Daniel in Cobra Kai Season 3. Pic credit: Netflix

Cobra Kai Season 3 continued the story of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso from the Karate Kid franchise.

With the violence growing out of control and Daniel as much in the wrong as anyone, things looked grim after Season 2 when Johnny’s student Miguel ended up paralyzed after a school fight.

However, everything changed when Johnny and Daniel agreed to work together against a common enemy in John Kreese and his hostile takeover of Cobra Kai.

Then, by the end of the season, John called someone, seemingly looking for a new ally.

Here is what this all could mean.

Who did John Kreese call in Cobra Kai Season 3 finale?

It is pretty clear who John Kreese called in the Cobra Kai Season 3 finale. Right before he made the phone call, there was another flashback.

This time, the flashback was to John’s time in Vietnam and his relationship with his best friend Twig. In this flashback, Twig tells John that he will be there for him their entire life.

Then Kreese picks up the phone and makes a phone call.

Clearly, John Kreese calls the same man he called for help in Karate Kid III — Terry Silver.

This likely means that Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) could make his return in Season 4 and this could also mean the return of the third movie’s “bad boy” Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan).

Who is Terry Silver/Twig in Karate Kid?

Terry Silver was a young man who was part of John Krease’s unit in Vietnam. When they were not fighting, Krease was teaching them all karate, using the future Cobra Kai lessons.

When Terry returned from Vietnam, he made some clever investment using his knowledge of tech and ended up as a multi-millionaire.

However, the one thing that he loved more than making money was karate and he founded his own dojos known as Cobra Kai and then hired John to be the trainer.

Terry is the man who created Cobra Kai and he is the man who hired John, which eventually led to the primary antagonists of the first and third movies.

In Karate Kid III, Terry tricked Daniel by becoming a new mentor to him with Mr. Miyagi was not there and got him ready to fight again. However, it was a trap to humiliate Daniel and help John get his revenge.

When the movie ended, Daniel won and Terry was humiliated, but he was still a millionaire and just went back to making his money and practicing karate on his own.

Now that John is on his heels again, it seems that he is calling on Terry to come help once again, and this is not good for Johnny or Daniel and should create a fun Season 4 of Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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