Cobra Kai Season 3 trailer released for January Netflix debut

Cobra Kai Season 3 trailer
Johnny and Miguel from Cobra Kai Season 3 trailer. Pic credit: Netflix

Cobra Kai went to Netflix and the first two seasons have already moved over from YouTube Premium to its rival streaming service.

The news already came that Netflix was greenlighting Cobra Kai Season 3 and now there is a trailer and the hint of when we should see it hit our TVs.

Cobra Kai Season 3 trailer

Cobra Kai Season 2 ended with a massive tragedy. It looked like Johnny and Daniel had a mini-truce but the kids they mentored were not finished fighting.

A massive fight broke out at the school and Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) ended up in a coma.

Johnny also gave up the Cobra Kai dojo to his former mentor, Kreese (Martin Kove).

What should have driven Johnny and Daniel further apart, actually brought them closer together. With the kids needing a positive influence in their lives, the two former rivals realize that they shouldn’t let their rivalry destroy these kids’ lives.

As Daniel’s wife Amanda (Courtney Henggeler) asks, do they think they are Tango & Cash now? Johnny responds that they aren’t because “Tango and Cash were narcotics detectives.”

Daniel and Johnny even fight side-by-side, teaming up to fight some thugs in a garage fight.

The trailer also shows that not only are Daniel and Johnny going to team up in this season, but Johnny is never going to turn his back on Miguel, who is paralyzed following his fall after the fight.

There is also a fun moment for fans of the Karate Kid sequel. Daniel goes back to Japan and he meets up again with his nemesis from that movie, Chozen (Yuji Okumoto), and his former love interest, Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita).

The trailer also shows that Kyler (Joe Seo) is back to torment Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) and it looks like Robby (Tanner Buchanan) is paying for paralyzing Miguel because he is in jail!

Cobra Kai Season 3 release date

The end of the trailer also shows that Cobra Kai Season 3 is arriving on Netflix in January 2021, so we are only about a month away from the premiere of new action with Johnny and Daniel.

For more about Cobra Kai, check out our 16 questions interview with star Griffin Santopietro that we conducted in August.

Also, check out our interview with publicist Rick Krusky, the man who represents Martin Kove and helped get the biggest bad guy from Karate Kid back into the show’s world.

Cobra Kai Season 3 will premiere on Netflix in January 2021

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