Cobra Kai bringing back classic Karate Kid villain for Season 4 on Netflix

Terry Silver looking over his shoulder in new Cobra Kai Season 4 trailer
Terry Silver looking over his shoulder in new Cobra Kai Season 4 trailer. Pic credit: Netflix

Cobra Kai has done a good job in balancing its new characters with beloved classics from the Karate Kid movies.

In Season 3 on Netflix, Cobra Kai not only had John Kresse as the main villain, but it also brought back Elisabeth Shue’s character, Ali Mills.

Now, Netflix is bringing back another movie villain for Cobra Kai Season 4.

Terry Silver returning for Cobra Kai

The third season of Cobra Kai tried to humanize John Kresse somewhat when it showed his past in the military and how he saved Terry Silver. The two served together and were prisoners of war in Vietnam.

Silver became completely loyal to Kreese and hired him to run Cobra Kai, a dojo that Terry created.

At the end of Cobra Kai Season 3, Kreese fell in defeat again and he picked up the phone to call someone. Fans immediately began dreaming of Terry Silver’s return.

It will happen.

The Cobra Kai Season 4 teaser hit the Internet, and it included a voiceover from Terry Silver himself. During the teaser, the camera focuses on Terry’s back, and he turns and looks back at the end.

“A man can’t stand, he can’t fight. A man can’t breathe, he can’t fight. A man can’t see, he can’t fight. Extreme situations require extreme measures,” Terry said in the voiceover.

“Since the beginning of the series, we’ve been carefully orchestrating the right moment to unleash Cobra Kai dojo co-founder Terry Silver back into the universe,” executive producers Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg said in a statement.

“That moment is now,” the statement continued. “We can’t wait for the whole world to experience Thomas Ian Griffith’s majestic return to the franchise.”

Who is Terry Silver in Cobra Kai?

Terry Silver is the man who created the Cobra Kai dojo and hired John Kresse to come in to train the students in their violent form of karate.

Thomas Ian Griffith starred as Terry Silver in The Karate Kid Part III. In that movie, Kreese went to Silver for help and the Cobra Kai founder promised revenge against Daniel and Mr. Miyagi.

He failed at the end and slipped away in disgust. As a self-made millionaire, he faced no real repercussions for his actions, outside of Cobra Kai’s failure.

Silver returns to a cast that also includes Karate Kid veterans Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso), William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence), and Martin Kove (John Kresse).

Cobra Kai Seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

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