Chris Williams replies to Dr. Pepper’s posted and deleted statement, calls out the expert’s past track record

Chris Williams is not a fan of what Dr. Pepper had to say about him. Pic credit: Lifetime

While most participants stay quiet due to contractual obligations, Chris Williams has been unprecedentedly vocal during his time on Married at First Sight.

The season based in Atlanta is proving to be its most drama-filled yet.

While fans watch the matchmaking experience in hopes of seeing successful marriages blossom, no one could’ve predicted what was in the path of Chris and his new wife, Paige Banks.

Although the current events airing happened months ago, Chris is receiving more fan backlash every week.

Dr. Pepper spoke up about the casting of Chris William’s

In a now since-deleted post, Dr. Pepper Schwartz recently spoke out about Chris Williams’s casting on Instagram.

Although participants go through intensive questionnaires, psychological and background checks, Dr. Pepper revealed if you get through this process, “they have fooled a lot of people.”

However, she does admit, “We must take responsibility for this match – but I assure you the Chris we all see now is not the Chris we met and married to Paige.”

While it doesn’t work 100-percent of the time, she said, “What we have done, however, is, over all these seasons, try very hard to make good matches and great relationships – and we do take pride in many marriages, and families, that we have put together that are worth and lasting.”

Chris Williams replied back to Dr. Pepper’s comments

While it is clear the people around Chris have encouraged him to stop speaking out, he won’t listen. Writing another long post on Facebook, he crafted a response to the resident MAFS expert’s statement.

“I find it crazy that you are making it seem as if I f’d up your impeccable track record up,” he wrote. “When in reality you have been an expert since Day 1 and your track record is 30% of the people you personally put together that are still together (From Day 1).”

Out of the three current expert panelists, Dr. Pepper is the most tenured. The Yale-educated sociologist has been advising on matches for the Lifetime show since Season 1.

Chris compares the show’s average to the national divorce rate. However, it’s not the greatest argument as it’s clear participants sign on to the show, understanding that there is a good chance it may not work out.

It also goes without saying that most matches don’t work due to incompatibilities — not a pregnant ex-fiancee.

Chris has been especially vocal on his Facebook page. Pic credit: Chris Williams II/Facebook

It’s clear Chris isn’t a fan of the resident expert.

Dr. Pepper isn’t the only MAFS alum he’s burned a bridge with. Chris also lets fans know he refuses to appear on the spin-off Unfiltered as long as Jamie Otis is the host.

Does Chris have a logical argument against Dr. Pepper?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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MargaretAnn Rice
MargaretAnn Rice
2 years ago

How about quit giving “that man” air time, media time or the time of day?