Chicago P.D. Season 10, Episode 5 promo reveals Upton getting hurt

Upton Chicago PD Still Image
Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton on the Chicago P.D. Season 10 cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. has a new episode coming out on Wednesday night that will put Detective Hailey Upton in a very dangerous situation.

After glossing over what Upton is going through on the last episode of Chicago P.D., it appears that the writers are ready to circle back to the character played by Tracy Spiridakos.

Following the exit of Jay Halstead (played by Jesse Lee Soffer), the show focused a lot on Benjamin Levy Aguilar returning as Dante Torres. Chief Patty O’Neal is a big fan of Voight, so he allowed the team to take on a new recruit.

Intelligence looks a lot different with Torres now holding an important position on the squad, and it was a good choice by the writers to give him an entire episode to help flesh out more of his backstory.

But now it’s time to see how Upton is dealing with her husband leaving town to go back to the Army, especially after the couple had been through so much in recent seasons.

We may have already seen a hint of things to come when Upton stepped in during the absence of Halstead and Voight during a case earlier this season, proving that she might be able to run Intelligence if the time came.

Chicago P.D. Season 10, Episode 5 synopsis

“Upton’s dogged pursuit of a missing teenage girl leads the team into a dark web of human trafficking. Chief O’Neal becomes involved with the unit’s investigation when it becomes evident his son, Sean, has a connection to the missing girl,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago P.D. Season 10, Episode 5.

It seems pretty clear that without any relationship drama, Upton is going to develop laser focus on closing cases, no matter what it takes. That is going to put her in a dangerous situation during the next new episode.

Chicago P.D. TV promo for October 19 episode

Below is the TV promo that NBC is running for the new episode of Chicago P.D. This new installment is called Pink Cloud, and it will debut for the first time on Wednesday, October 19, at 10/9c on NBC.

Ahead of watching this, One Chicago fans should make sure to catch up on the previous episodes from Chicago P.D. Season 10, which can all be streamed using Peacock.

There has also been some interesting news about someone coming to the show. A Yellowstone actor joins Chicago P.D. this fall, giving the drama another interesting dynamic as new episodes continue rolling out.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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