Chicago P.D. reveals Jay Halstead’s real name, shocking fans

Soffer As Halstead PD
Jesse Lee Soffer used to play Jay Halstead on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Detective Jay Halstead was a fan-favorite for years on Chicago P.D.

Actor Jesse Lee Soffer played the role, which began on a Chicago Fire episode.

But early in Chicago P.D. Season 10, Halstead appeared for the last time on an Intelligence case.

Fans are still frustrated with how the writers and showrunner dealt with Halstead’s exit. It has had a lasting impact on the show.

Tracy Spiridakos (she plays Detective Hailey Upton) is also leaving the show. She will appear in her final episode this spring.

Due to Jesse’s exit and the pending exit for Tracy, the writers had to speed up storylines involving their characters.

Chicago P.D. shocks fans with real name for Jay Halstead

The Chicago P.D. season premiere opened with several scenes to explain a time jump.

Six months had passed since Officer Adam Ruzek got shot, and several characters were spiraling.

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) refused to replace Ruzek on the team – while Upton was struggling through her dissolving marriage and moving to a new apartment.

As Upton was running late to a day of pilot programs for Chicago P.D., she spent a moment glancing at divorce paperwork.

The end of her marriage to Halstead was at hand, and she mailed the paperwork later in the episode.

But as the camera panned over the divorce paperwork, the names of the petitioner and respondent were spotlighted.

Hailey Anne Upton was filing for divorce from Jason Halstead. Jason? He had been called Jay for years, but many Chicago P.D. fans were shocked.

In the clip shared below, the name Jason Halstead can be seen on the divorce papers. One fan stated that it meant Upstead would remain together (they were probably trying to be hopeful).

More fan reactions from the Jason Halstead reveal

“Jason Halstead? Who the hell, lmao. Jay doesn’t even look like a Jason, I’m screaming,” wrote one Chicago P.D. fan

“I will never get over JASON HALSTEAD. #chicagopd,” wrote another shocked fan.

Some fans were in disbelief – not knowing what to say after the season premiere.

“With all due respect, who is Jason Halstead? I only know JAY Halstead Other than that, strong first episode #ChicagoPD,” posted a fan.

It seems that the Chicago P.D. showrunner (Gwen Sigan) wanted to put an Easter egg in the first Season 11 episode. And she certainly caught the attention of viewers.

Fans are unlikely to start referring to him as Jason Halstead, even if that is now his real name on the show.

More from Chicago P.D. Season 11

Here is an explanation for Dante Torres’s absence in the first new episode.

And here is a TV promo for when Ruzek returns to the job.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.

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Deby Taylor
Deby Taylor
1 month ago

Goodness i thought everyone knew Jay was a nic name for Jason. My daughter dated a Jasin but we all called him Jay. No big shock to me.