Chicago P.D. recap: Burgess questions returning to Intelligence

Ruzek Chicago PD S9 E1
Patrick John Flueger has returned as Adam Ruzek on Chicago P.D. Season 9. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

A new episode of Chicago P.D. debuted on Wednesday night, opening a new chapter within Season 9 of the show.

During the Chicago P.D. season premiere, most of the night was focused on a fake search for a suspect that Voight and Upton had already taken out.

The crux of the episode was that it turned out there was a witness to what Voight and Upton did on the Season 8 finale, and they raced to be the first people to bring him to justice.

The witness took a hostage, though, and it was Halstead who shot him. The secret was safe, for now, for Voight and Upton, but the deputy superintendent said she was sending the case to the FBI.

Burgess woke up from her hospital bed at the end of the premiere, and it was made clear that she was going to survive her shooting. Now, it was time for Intelligence to work on a new case.

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The new episode started with Burgess at home changing her bandages and struggling to get through the morning.

Ruzek arrived with Makayla and some pancakes, but also with some urging that Burgess should try to get back on the job.

The plan was for Ruzek to meet with a new CI (confidential informant) and he tried to convince Burgess to come along because he claimed it would be easy.

She wasn’t enthused about that, stating that she might never be able to go back to work. He went out to the meeting on his own.

He also met with Atwater a bit later, where he too asked if Burgess was ready to come back. Just then, a call came in of shots fired and they took off to the location, where they found that his new informant had been murdered. She recorded a conversation with her killer, suggesting she might have been made before she was killed. She had also been assaulted.

Later, Ruzek went to Trudy and asked her if a desk job was open in narcotics that might be a good fit for Burgess (in his mind). Trudy was not so sure, though she didn’t even have to say a word to let her opinion be known. Trudy went to Voight and told him that there was an opening in narcotics if Burgess wanted it, relaying the conversation she had with Ruzek.

Burgess struggles in her recovery, is she done with Intelligence?

When Voight went to visit Burgess, she was asleep, and she was extremely startled when he knocked on the door. It turned out he was there to try to get her to work on the new case by looking over files. He also wanted her to go talk to a new victim who had been assaulted and survived.

She did go meet with the victim, who had gone through some similar things to what Burgess had been through. It was really hard for Burgess, but she was trying her best to get back to work. She talked to Ruzek after it and got upset when she thought he was trying to make choices for her, but he was only showing her that she had options. That was when she flat out stated she did want to be back at work, but that she wasn’t sure how to do it yet.

Burgess was able to work out some key details in the case as she kept pushing, where she discovered that the murdered CI and the new victim had the same parole officer. It showed she was still ready to be a great police officer with Intelligence, but she had some mental blocks to work through first.

Burgess returns to Intelligence

Burgess was key to the investigation, as she related with one of the victims and got key details on who had done everything. It was indeed the parole officer, but in order to catch him, Burgess needed to go undercover and get him to talk.

By this point, she was completely invested in the case and she was adamant about bringing him down. And that’s exactly what she did.

While Burgess pretended to be a friend of the victim and get the suspect to admit to what he did, he attacked Burgess, who identified herself as a police officer. He drew his gun and she shot him twice, killing him and closing out that case.

Burgess did well during her return to Intelligence and the road is clear for her and things to go back to normal.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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