Chicago P.D. introduces an important new character, reveals Upton spiral with new episode

Upton Chicago PD
Tracy Spiridakos plays Detective Hailey Upton on the Chicago P.D. cast. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. finally circled back to Detective Hailey Upton in the newest episode, revealing how she has been coping with the exit of Jay Halstead.

In the last episode, Chicago P.D. focused on Dante Torres, giving the character a full night to flesh out more of his backstory.

But now the writers have given Upton the spotlight again, allowing viewers to see what she has been up to since her husband left to return to the Army.

The new episode began with an extended montage of Upton getting off work, going to Trudy for overtime, and then working for other units when her day with Intelligence was over.

This continued for a while, reaching a point where Trudy started getting worried about it. Trudy tried to explain to Upton that it wouldn’t fix anything, but the detective didn’t want to hear about it.

During one of those overtime assignments, Upton came across a case that would need Intelligence to get involved.

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While watching the outside of a building that was being raided by another unit, Upton sprang into action as a suspect fled. She chased that suspect into another abandoned building and found a woman tied up there. As she was tending to the woman, Upton was hit from behind and knocked out.

When Upton awoke, the woman was gone, and so was the man who had assaulted her. It was determined that this was a different man than the one she was pursuing, as he had been captured at a separate exit by another officer.

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Cameras picked up a van outside of the abandoned building, and Intelligence was able to track it to a neighborhood where there was an abandoned house. Once inside that house, Upton came across someone she subdued, but she quickly learned that he was the son of her boss, Chief Patty O’Neal.

Actor Jefferson White has joined the Chicago P.D. cast, and this was his first appearance as Sean O’Neal.

Sean explained that he helped run a center where kids from the street could go for help, and the missing girl had frequented his center. Sean said he had been in the abandoned house looking for the girl when Upton came across him. His dad, the chief, was pretty mad that Sean was taken in for questioning.

Thanks in part to tracking a burner phone that the girl had and the van that her suspected abductor had used, Intelligence tracked her to a building. As they were clearing it, gunshots could be heard from the roof. Upton got there to see the missing girl standing over the man who had held her captive.

The girl was distraught and standing very near the edge of the building. Upton was very close to talking her down from the roof, but when she mentioned Sean, the girl had a look across her face and intentionally stepped off the side of the building.

The episode ended in a flurry, with Upton suspecting something was going on with Sean, leading to her doing a lot of investigating into girls that had been through the center he was running. She went to Voight with the accusation that Sean O’Neal was trafficking girls and that many of them had never been heard from again after frequenting his center.

As she made that revelation, Voight went silent, and the episode went black. It was a pretty big cliffhanger, and if they start investigating Sean O’Neal, it will lead to many problems with his father, Chief Patty O’Neal. Stay tuned, folks!

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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Vee Montez
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