Chicago P.D. promo shows the return of Sean O’Neal

Upton On Chicago PD Episode
Tracy Spiridakos plays Detective Hailey Upton in a mysterious new Chicago P.D. episode. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. is bringing back villain Sean O’Neal for another go.

We last saw the character on the fall finale of Chicago P.D., where his father had just shot him to bring an end to his crime spree.

But Sean survived thanks to the aide provided by Hank Voight, and now he resides in prison.

Now, Detective Hailey Upton is going to have to deal with him again, and that isn’t something that she has fared well with this season.

Sean is one of those people who can see through the persona that Hailey is trying to show the rest of the world. Deep down, or maybe not so deep, Hailey is going through a lot of pain.

Forcing Hailey to deal with Sean again is certainly going to lead to some good TV, especially if the writers have some intriguing subplots ready for us.

Chicago P.D. Season 10, Episode 12 TV promo

Below is the TV promo that NBC is running for the January 18 episode of Chicago P.D. This one is called I Can Let You Go, and it is going to serve as Chicago P.D. Season 10, Episode 12.

The title of the episode seems to hint at something that one of the characters might be saying during the night, so pay close attention to the dialogue when the big night arrives.

As for what Sean is doing in this new episode, it appears that he might have some good information that could help Hailey and Intelligence on a case or two.

The full synopsis for new episode of Chicago P.D.

“Sean O’Neal surprises Det. Upton with a call from prison, revealing sensitive information,” begins the synopsis for the January 18 episode, giving fans a really nice tease.

“While Upton grapples with how to keep O’Neal at a distance, the team quickly mobilizes to stop a crime in progress before it’s too late,” finishes out the synopsis for that new episode.

It definitely sets the stage for Hailey to show Sean that she is going to keep him in check. That’s only going to work, though, if Sean doesn’t keep holding valuable cards here.

Sean O’Neal isn’t the only character ready to cause some drama in One Chicago.

Over at Chicago Fire, the showrunners teased the end game for Emma Jacobs, who might have nothing left to lose after Violet Mikami went after her job.

Additionally, we may be circling back soon to the new detective on Chicago P.D., which is already causing some issues.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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