Chicago Med: What happened to Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo)?

Sarah Reese Chicago Med
Rachel DiPillo seen as Sarah Reese on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Med cast used to feature actress Rachel DiPillo as psychiatric resident Sarah Reese at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

Sarah’s tenure on the job was never easy, nor was the way the character ended up leaving Chicago for good.

For 62 episodes, Sarah worked at the hospital, though she also had a stint as a barista before Dr. Daniel Charles helped resuscitate her career.

We also got to see Sarah on two episodes each of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. during her tenure at NBC.

Unfortunately, the last episode Sarah appeared in was Chicago Med Season 4, Episode 1, called Be My Better Half.

And when it comes to reasons for people quitting their jobs within the world of television shows, this was a pretty understandable one.

What happened to Sarah Reese on Chicago Med?

Sarah was already having a difficult time on the job, with a lot of self-doubt creeping into her work even after some successes with Dr. Charles. It got much worse when Sarah’s absentee father became a patient to Charles, where some secrets were kept from her.

When Charles learned that Sarah’s father was a serial killer, he decided not to clue her in on that fact. But this is television, and eventually, that information came out. This unraveled any trust between Sarah and Charles and led to her exiting Chicago.

In the world of One Chicago, Sarah Reese has gone off to Texas. She tried to escape how she had figured out that her father was a psychopath, how Dr. Charles hesitated before giving compressions to her father after he had a heart attack, and how the trust she had in her mentor was now gone.

Rachel DiPillo leaves Chicago Med

It was pretty shocking when Rachel DiPillo left Chicago Med in the Season 4 premiere. Her character on the show had been troubled for a long time, but it still seemed like DiPillo would be working with Oliver Platt (he plays Dr. Charles) for many years to come.

The door is still open for the Chicago Med showrunners to bring her back to the show at some point, but with a new psychiatric fellow working with Dr. Charles in Season 8, that door may have been closed a bit.

Episodes that featured DiPillo can be streamed on Peacock. She appeared during the first three seasons and then the first episode of Season 4.

More news from One Chicago

In the upcoming fall finale, another main character is leaving the Chicago Med cast. This will be a fond goodbye, though, based on what the showrunners have stated.

And elsewhere, a shocking return on the Chicago Fire fall finale is also being advertised by NBC. Who is returning to the show? We will all have to tune in and find out together.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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