Chicago Med threatens to kill off Maggie on new episode

Marlyne Barrett Chicago Med
Marlyne Barrett plays Maggie Lockwood on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: George Burns Jr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Med has teased a bad car accident in the show’s next new episode.

It appears that Maggie is going to get an offer from her old flame to go for a ride in his classic car, but disastrous results await them.

The return of Grant to the picture — he is the biological father of Dr. Vanessa Taylor — has complicated things quite a bit for Maggie.

Maggie’s husband Ben is pretty grumpy about the whole situation, and he let Maggie know about it on the last episode.

And now, the upcoming episode promo is hinting at the show killing off Maggie. But the writers wouldn’t do that, would they?

The actress who plays Dr. Taylor has left the show, and another Chicago Med main character leaves the show soon. So it would be a bad idea to kill off Maggie at this point.

Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 8 synopsis

“Will, Crockett and Justin Lieu (a new first-year resident) try to facilitate a trans-organ exchange. Hannah and Nellie help a sexual assault survivor. Ethan and Archer treat a patient whose case could expose a fraudulent doctor. Grant and Maggie take a trip down memory lane,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 8.

It’s going to be a busy night during this next new episode, with some new doctors getting additional screen time so that the viewers can get to know them a little bit better. We may all need a cheat sheet to work from soon.

Chicago Med TV promo for November 16 episode

Everyone’s Fighting A Battle You Know Nothing About is the name of the new episode of Chicago Med that will debut soon.

This is going to be a big one for Maggie and the actress that plays here, possibly setting it up so that Maggie can be gone from the show for a few episodes.

For any Chicago Med fans who weren’t aware of it, actress Marlyne Barrett is dealing with a cancer diagnosis in real life.

Below is the TV promo for that next new episode, with Maggie and Grant possibly about to fight for their lives.

We are coming closer to the fall finale for Chicago Med, which will lead into the long winter hiatus until the show returns for new episodes in 2023. During the downtime, fans can go back and catch up or re-watch previous episodes by using Peacock.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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Roswitha Lenz
Roswitha Lenz
1 year ago

Love Maggie, she is beautiful in and out!!you are a strong Woman and beat that nasty illness! ??