Chicago Med recap: What happened so far this winter?

Crockett At Chicago Med
Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med has aired three episodes so far this winter, with all of them coming in the first half of January.

The show then took a long break, with the next new episode scheduled to debut on February 15.

A lot has happened since 2023 began, though, starting with Season 8, Episode 10 from January 4.

In that first episode after the holiday break, the workers at Chicago Med started seeing the changes that new owner Jack Dayton had begun putting in place.

Dayton, played by Sasha Roiz, bought a controlling interest in the hospital’s ownership group, giving him the authority to make almost any change he wanted.

One of the biggest moves by Dayton was to increase the amount of technology used by the doctors, and he has pushed hard for Dr. Crockett Marcel to use OR 2.0 much more often.

Pushback to tech changes

Dr. Dean Archer has not been on board with relying so much on tech, and when he was convinced to finally use OR 2.0, he ended up damaging one of the gadgets out of frustration. This led to Dayton firing Archer, despite Crockett trying to convince him not to do it.

Sharon Goodwin then stepped in and told Dayton that she would quit if Archer wasn’t brought back. Dayton relented, but now Archer’s behavior and performance will impact everything Goodwin does next.

New characters emerging on Chicago Med

Dr. Justin Lieu, who is now played by Ivan Shaw on the Chicago Med cast, is getting involved in primary storylines. First, he helped find and save a missing pregnant lady who had been lost in the woods, and then he helped a gym friend who had a medical incident at a climbing wall.

T.V. Carpio began playing Dr. Grace Song during Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 12. She is a doctor who is really good with the tech that Dayton has been introducing, and she put together a database that helped save one of Dr. Will Halstead’s patients (a kid with a mysterious disorder).

Personal drama at Chicago Med

Nurse Maggie Lockwood is having a lot of marital problems with her husband Ben after she lied about spending time with her ex. Maggie also hid from Ben that she was in a bad car accident with him. Ben then left her, for the time being.

Archer is having health problems due to not getting proper treatment after he got beat up by a patient, but his son is out of jail and now turning to him for help in the real world. That will likely be explored more later.

Archer turned to Dr. Hannah Asher for help with his treatment, leading to an improved relationship between them.

On the next new episode of Chicago Med, a storm will hit the hospital, leading to an “event” episode for NBC.

In other news from the world of One Chicago, Taylor Kinney took a leave of absence from the Chicago Fire cast. It means there could be upcoming episodes that don’t feature Kelly Severide.

And over at the third Wednesday night program, Chicago P.D. Episode No. 200 is about to arrive. That should be a nice treat for the fans.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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