Chicago Med recap: Family matters and it’s time to live in the moment

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Kristen Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer on the new episode of Chicago Med. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

The new Chicago Med episode started by continuing many storylines that began on the previous episode.

Last time on Chicago Med, we learned that Maggie has a mass, that the therapist for Dr. Charles had developed feelings for him, and that Dr. Marcel and Dr. Blake might have developed advanced feelings for one another.

And the new episode got right down to business, with Dr. Charles running into his former therapist and thanking her for helping him so much, Vanessa checking in on Maggie to find out more news (she didn’t have any yet), and Dr. Scott examining the little boy Dylan again as Carmen watched on.

As Goodwin walked in, the new compliance officer caught up with her and said he was pleased with how Med responded to the new policies. As she was starting to respond, a car wrecked near the hospital entrance.

Chicago Med recap for Season 7, Episode 14

The woman who crashed her car out front was a long-time patient at Med who had been deemed a long-haul COVID-19 patient. Since he helped bring her into the hospital, Goodwin assigned the Med compliance officer to help Dr. Taylor with treating her. Dr. Archer wasn’t so keen on a “bureaucrat” providing care, but Goodwin insisted.

Through the episode, the compliance officer (Johnny Wu as Randall Shentu) started seeing that his new rules and policies were hindering the doctors. He now plans to advocate for Goodwin and her staff. Randall also agreed to go on a date with Vanessa.

Dramatic and personal cases on Chicago Med

The episode got really dramatic when Terrell (Carmen’s wife and Dr. Dylan Scott’s former friend) was brought in by paramedics and he was clinging to life. He regained consciousness just long enough to tell off Dylan again before they tried to treat him. Terrell ended up being treated and saved, but while getting worked on, Dr. Scott figured out that he was dyslexic. It had led to a lot of frustrations in Terrell’s life and anger that he took out on people. But by the end of the episode, Terrell and Dylan were on good terms again.

Maggie and Dr. Halstead went out to help treat a patient who has been in an iron lung for 60 years. He had contracted polio just before the cure came out, but he had made a success out of his life, despite being in the iron lung. Maggie bonded with the patient and he helped her figure out how to live for the moment. She also got her test results back and it was negative for cancer.

As she was working, one of the nurses stopped by to share the good news with Dr. Stevie Hammer that her mother was getting out of the psych ward. But Stevie didn’t even know that her mother had been upstairs this whole time. It turned out that her mother admitted herself and that Dr. Charles had been working with her for weeks. She didn’t want Stevie to know about anything, so Dr. Charles had to keep the secret. Stevie was really upset about it all.

It turned out that Stevie’s mom was bipolar and that she had gone undiagnosed for nearly her entire life. It led to her problems with alcohol and other things, but she worked with Dr. Charles to get better. At the end of the episode, Stevie and her mom were reunited and the resentment between them was done.

Dr. Crockett Marcel and Dr. Pamela Blake had another transplant case to work on. While they were working on the case, Crockett wanted to talk with Pamela about the kiss that they shared during the last episode. Crockett even noted that he went to Avery (Pamela’s daughter) to let her know he had feelings for her mother. Pamela bristled and distanced herself from the conversation, but clearly has feelings. That storyline will likely get explored more down the road.

More episodes of Chicago Med to come

Another new episode of Chicago Med arrives on Wednesday, March 8.

There were also some small Chicago Med spoilers revealed about a future episode of the show that will serve as a treat for Med and Chicago P.D. fans.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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