Chicago Med recap: Relationship drama and a medical scare

Chicago Med 7x13
Guy Lockard as Dr. Dylan Scott and Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer on Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 13. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med finally returned with a new episode on Wednesday night, and this one was packed with storylines geared toward providing buzz for the back half of Season 7.

When we last saw the doctors in action on Med, the transplant team was poisoned in a mini One Chicago crossover. We also saw the return of Dr. Ethan Choi, as he learned that his father had been dealing with a tough medical diagnosis.

Choi’s father ended up dying during that episode, which will undoubtedly have a lingering impact on the character as he continues to try to battle back from getting shot.

There is also still a lot of drama surrounding Dr. Cooper and the investigation that Sharon Goodwin and Dr. Halstead carried out over the possible improper use of devices at the hospital.

Chicago Med recap for Reality Leaves a Lot to the Imagination

The new episode of Chicago Med began with Crockett Marcel waking up on the couch at the home of Pamela Blake. After Blake passed out due to the poisoning in the last episode, Marcel took her home and stayed to look after her. Nothing happened, but there were overtones that something was brewing between them.

Dr. Charles was then shown arriving at a dentist to get a cleaning when he bumped into his therapist, who was talking about referring him to someone new.

At Med, Dr. Scott sat with Dylan (Carmen and Terrell’s son) as he slept. He was still being treated for cancer, and another awkward conversation took place between Scott and Carmen when she returned from running errands.

A construction worker who was cut by a circular saw was then brought in, with Dr. Marcel and Dr. Hammer working on him. It turned out he had been diagnosed with epilepsy and had been receiving treatment without telling anyone at his work for three years. When they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, Marcel tricked him into having a stress reaction, which led to a seizure. The patient was upset and wanted to leave, but at least he now knew he had been misdiagnosed.

New and old Chicago Med drama

Halstead and Hammer greeted each other at work the morning after she had traveled to end her marriage. But Hammer was now wearing her wedding ring again, and the development caught Halstead off guard. She said they had worked things out, but Halstead was very skeptical.

Scott and Dr. Archer worked on a pregnant woman who came in and diagnosed her with a serious infection. It had developed due to an STI from her husband, but the woman and the baby ended up fine after treatment.

Maggie came into work saying that she felt shaky and a bit nauseous, but she would tough it out. She had a good chat with Vanessa as well. But later, in a really shocking moment, Maggie had a positive pregnancy test. When she went for an ultrasound, though, they found a mass instead of a baby.

In a bit of an odder case, Halstead and Charles ended up questioning an elderly patient’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. She seemed to be doing too well cognitively to be dealing with Alzheimer’s, and they began investigating things. A huge twist emerged as they discovered that she was fine and that the woman who said she was her daughter was actually someone conning the elderly patient out of her life savings.

The episode started to wrap up with Halstead apologizing to Hammer and wishing her well with her marriage. Then Charles got a visit by his therapist, who finally revealed why she wasn’t returning calls. She had developed feelings for him, and she didn’t think it was professional to keep meeting with him.

Marcel went to check on Blake at the very end, and she told him about Archer asking her out. She said she had declined, and after a short chat, they started kissing in her office. Just then, her daughter, who Archer had been on dates with, came in and caught them. Oops. That’s going to be some drama in future episodes.

That brings an end to the Chicago Med recap for the new episode. In other great news for fans, the Chicago Med Season 7 episode count was revealed, indicating that there will be a lot of new content debuting this spring.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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