Chicago Med recap: Fire and P.D. characters help with mini-crossover episode

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Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel on a dramatic episode of Chicago Med. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

This Chicago Med recap focuses on what happened during Season 7, Episode 12, but we aren’t going to bury the lead here.

Dr. Ethan Choi finally returned to Chicago Med on Wednesday night, ending another recovery period for the character after he re-injured himself earlier in the season.

Choi is still trying to deal with the fallout of getting shot by a patient in the Season 6 finale, and that led him to the office of Dr. Charles during this latest episode.

As a reminder, though, on the last episode of Chicago Med, Dr. Marcel and Dr. Blake had a famous football player as a patient. That man needed a liver transplant, and it led to a lot of drama because the new compliance officer (Randall) was interfering with things.

Despite their hesitations to even go through with the surgery, when Marcel and Blake learned that it would be done by the hospital with or without them, they agreed to help. And now, the transplant stars of Med were going to be tasked with another important surgery.

Chicago Med recap for Season 7, Episode 12

The new episode of Chicago Med began with Ethan swimming laps at the gym. He struggled to get himself out of the pool, suggesting he still isn’t healed. When he was leaving, he ran into Dr. Charles, who had been exercising there as well. They agreed to go have some breakfast together and catch up.

Ethan got a call from his dad’s nurse and Charles drove him over to the house. Ethan didn’t even know his dad was sick and talked with the nurse before asking his dad to go to the hospital for some tests. His dad was very adamant that he was fine and started making lunch for himself and Charles. When they were starting to leave, the dad collapsed, and Charles called for an ambulance while Ethan tried to help his dad.

Ethan would later learn that his dad had a brain tumor and didn’t have long to live. His dad had been too proud to share that information with Ethan for quite a long time.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Stevie Hammer was just getting off the phone with a divorce lawyer as Dr. Will Halstead walked in. It was clear that Stevie was pretty upset about her ex dragging his feet and she shared that with Will. It was a continuation of what happened on the last episode when she received some papers that her ex had not yet signed.

Will and Stevie then had a pregnant woman come in who had been feeling weak. She was very hesitant to get any treatment and wanted to go home to prepare for a home birth, despite her husband wanting her to get checked out and the doctors telling her to be careful due to her risks with anemia.

It turned out that the woman needed to go through an urgent C-section due to the placenta detaching, but she was angry that the doctors couldn’t guarantee that any blood she received would come from an unvaccinated donor. She went through the procedure and her baby was born, but afterward, the woman began bleeding and died. This came about because she refused to accept a blood transfusion.

Drama begins for the transplant team

A new patient came in that needed a liver transplant and Blake was on the case again. When she was being examined by Marcel, they found out that the patient had an infection that wouldn’t allow the surgery to move forward until it was treated. The patient’s son was not happy and demanded they continue. Marcel stepped between the son and Blake to defend her, but afterward, she seemed very upset with Marcel.

Blake then got ready to give the liver to another patient but was doing it without Marcel because, as she put it, she could fight her own battles. As soon as they started putting the patient under, though, everyone on the transplant team started passing out as Marcel watched from the viewing booth.

Cap from Chicago Fire showed up to put a quarantine in place until they could suit up and go in, but as a cop was putting on a mask he got from the floor, he started to pass out. Marcel figured out that they had all been poisoned and rushed in to get everyone out of the operating room. When Halstead responded to the emergency alert, he said it was an opioid reaction that everyone was going through. A team of doctors administered NARCAN to everyone who had gone unconscious.

Later, Burgess from Chicago P.D. came in to help investigate, and they found that the masks had been laced with an unidentified substance that led to everyone losing consciousness. Through some investigating, Burgess figured out that the crime had been committed by the son of the patient who had been turned down for the transplant.

Dr. Scott came across the kid from the previous episode who was being treated for a broken arm and had been found to have cancer. This was the son of the parents that Scott used to be friends with, but whom he had been told to stay away from by the father. The dad told him to stay away again, but when the mom went to talk to Scott, Maggie thought she saw a “look” from him that indicated he still had feelings for her.

The kid was brought back into the hospital later when he was having trouble breathing and running a fever. It turned out that he had developed pneumonia and had to be treated. Scott treated the kid, and the mother gave him a hug for making her son feel better. As they hugged, the dad rushed in and assaulted Scott before getting escorted away by security.

Chicago Med wraps up a dramatic episode

At the very end of the episode, Stevie told Will that she was going to Detroit to finalize her divorce. Will said he understood and that he would see her when she got back.

Elsewhere, Blake seemed to be over her anger with Marcel, and she asked him to take her home after she was treated.

The episode then shifted to a mechanic who Ethan had put snow tires on his dad’s truck. His dad had demanded that he go do it immediately rather than talk things out and Ethan did it. While they were there, though, Charles got a call that Ethan’s dad had died. The dad had sent them there so that Ethan wouldn’t see him pass away.

That brings an end to the Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 12 recap. It was an episode packed with drama and ongoing storylines that will have to hold Chicago Med fans for a while.

On the One Chicago episode schedule, there is no new content until after the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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