Chicago Med recap: The past can come back to haunt you

Charles And Hammer Chicago Med
Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles and Kristin Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer played an important part in a new episode of Chicago Med. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

A new episode of Chicago Med aired Wednesday night that focused a lot on a famous alcoholic football player and a patient who had resorted to a back-alley plastic surgery.

It was on that last episode of Chicago Med that a lot of time was spent on a transplant patient that Dr. Crockett Marcel and Dr. Pamela Blake were trying to save.

In the final moments of that episode, Dr. Dean Archer came through with a save by providing the kidney of one of his patients. That particular patient had been in an accident and had confessed to Archer that he killed a man in a bar fight many years ago.

When Archer’s patient went comatose, Archer lied and said the man wanted to donate his organs. His kidney then ended up saving the man that Marcel and Blake had been working so hard to treat for most of the hour.

Chicago Med recap for Season 7, Episode 11

The new episode of Chicago Med began with Dr. Dylan Scott going to the home of a couple that he used to be friends with. He was called out by his cop friend that he was playing basketball with during an earlier Season 7 episode. When he got there, he examined their kid and felt that he might have a broken arm, so the mom got ready to take him to Med.

Back at Med, Hammer and Dr. Will Halstead had a quick chat as he was coming in on his day off to do paperwork. An amusing moment took place because he was wearing his bowling shirt. Just then, a woman stumbled in the front door, clearly suffering from an injury that gave the appearance of a recent surgery that wasn’t treated correctly. The titles ran as Hammer scrambled to help her.

Another busy day at Chicago Med

When the episode returned from its first commercial break, the compliance officer that Sharon had to deal with in the last episode (Randall) reappeared to give her more instructions. She was not keen on working with him, especially since nearly all of her doctors were getting sued for the Vas-COM situation.

After Marcel worked briefly on a patient who had suffered a panic attack, a famous football player with a drinking problem was brought in. Blake went over to help Marcel and she found the patient to be in liver failure. It was quite the spectacle to have a famous person in the ED, and it led to staff standing around and other patients taking pictures of the sick athlete.

Randall came by a short time later and told Marcel and Blake that a liver had been found and that it was on the way to save their patient. But the doctors told him that the patient could not receive the liver because he had alcohol in his system and needed to be clean for six months before getting a transplant. Randall was not pleased, as he wanted to bring the hospital publicity by saving the football player.

Later, Randall revealed that he was going around them, had found someone who would donate a piece of their liver, and that he had a different doctor ready to perform the procedure. It also linked back to the beginning of the episode, as the donor was Marcel’s patient who had a panic attack. Marcel urged Blake to step in and do the surgery. That procedure was not completed before the episode ended.

Hammer, Halstead, and Charles dealt with the woman who had stumbled in and it turned out she had received butt implants. And as they dug deeper, the doctors learned that it was through a back-alley (illegal) plastic surgery that had not been done correctly. And it got even worse when a man showed up pretending to be her father. He was actually the doctor who performed the surgery on her and he was trying to cover it up.

The man revealed to Charles that he had performed another surgery and Halstead took a vehicle to track her down because she might also be in trouble. Halstead and firefighters found her unconscious. The problem with both patients was leaking implants and the doctors worked hard to save both of them. Halstead even had to do a procedure in an ambulance. The women were saved and the surgeon was arrested.

The case that Scott was working on got a little worse as Archer was performing surgery on the boy’s broken arm. When he got inside, Archer found cancer that needed to be treated right away. The father was resistant at first, and we learned that Scott was part of a team that had arrested him about 10 years prior. The father had not gotten over it and held it against Scott. Archer operated on the kid and he is being treated.

As the episode was ending, it looked like Halstead and Hammer were going to go on a date until she was delivered some divorce papers. This was the first that we learned she was married, but she said the man was dragging his feet in the divorce proceedings.

Then, in the final scene, Dr. Vanessa Taylor had Maggie over to meet her parents at dinner. Small talk ensued, but it was clear that the adoptive parents and Maggie were very uncomfortable.

That’s it for the Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 11 recap. The show returns for a new episode on the One Chicago winter TV schedule next week.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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