Chicago Med recap: Cliffhanger leaves fans guessing about Season 8

Steven Weber On Chicago Med
Actor Steven Weber has become an important part of the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: NBC

The Chicago Med cliffhanger that brought an end to Season 7 of the show is going to have fans guessing about the outcome for a while. The good news is that new episodes of Chicago Med arrive in September 2022, but that’s still a long wait.

On Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 22, a lot was going on. It led to an important storyline for each member of the cast, and there was also a lot of foreshadowing about how it was all going to end.

And before the season finale even arrived, Dr. Hammer left the hospital. The actress who plays Hammer, Kristen Hager, also shared some new pregnancy photos. That was the primary reason that she left the show.

Before the Chicago Med Season 8 start date arrives, it’s important to look back and refresh our memories about what happened on that last episode from Season 7.

Chicago Med recap for season finale

Let’s jump to the biggest cliffhanger of the night before we delve into the other storylines. Dr. Dylan Scott was hiding undercover officer Jo at the new apartment building of Dr. Will Halstead. As the episode was wrapping up, Will and Dr. Hannah Asher were hanging out before chaos erupted.

The building caught fire and as it did, viewers found out that criminals from the drug case were there to take out Jo. Dylan took out one of them, but in the process, Jo got shot. Jo escaped the building, but when Will and Dylan tried to save the bad guy from getting burned alive, they got trapped.

The episode faded to black as all exit routes from the apartment building appeared to be blocked. This sure seems like a great way to have a Chicago Fire crossover episode when the shows return in the fall.

More storylines from the Chicago Med Season 7 finale

Elsewhere on Chicago Med Season 7, Episode 22, a service was held for the father of Dr. Ethan Choi. At the end of it, Ethan gave the flag to a man who had been in a relationship with his father for years. Seeing the gesture, Dr. Dean Archer made a call to his estranged son. That should lead to a sub story in Season 8.

The daughter of Sharon Goodwin gave birth, Dr. Daniel Charles broke up with his therapist girlfriend, and Maggie Lockwood introduced Dr. Vanessa Taylor to her birth father. These were rushed segments on finale night, but were each very important.

And another lingering cliffhanger from the finale involves Dr. Pamela Blake and Dr. Crockett Marcel. Pamela had to go through a surgery to help with a problem her hand was having, and she gave Crockett power of attorney because she thought he would protect her. But instead of protecting her career, he had the surgeon do the safest option for her overall health.

Due to the procedure that Pamela had done, it appears that she had a stroke, which could end her surgical career. When she woke up, she was devastated by the choice that Crockett had made. Her daughter Avery, who is a lawyer, may not take it well either.

To re-watch the final episodes of Chicago Med Season 7, fans can use Peacock to do so. That’s where the episodes are all available for streaming, and with so much taking place on the finale, it might be a good idea for fans to watch it again before Season 8 arrives.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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