Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. synopses for Wednesday night’s episodes

Chicago Fire Season 10
Chicago Fire Season 10 has presented a lot of interesting stories for the fans. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. episodes for this Wednesday night are going to be repeats for NBC viewers.

Recently, the three One Chicago shows began a new hiatus, meaning it will be a little while until we get to see a new episode again.

In the meantime, for Wednesday, March 23, NBC is going to be airing some good episodes from the fall so that One Chicago fans can still see some interesting content as we all wait for the new episodes to debut.

This also means that there is some additional time to go back and watch all of the earlier episodes from Chicago Med Season 7, Chicago Fire Season 10, and Chicago P.D. Season 9 as the shows work toward their always-dramatic spring finales.

Chicago Med synopsis for Season 7, Episode 6

“Stevie’s personal and professional worlds collide when her mother becomes her patient. Dylan’s history with the father of a patient interferes with his perception of a case. Crockett’s allegiances are challenged when his patient’s liver is a potential match for one of Dr. Blake’s patients,” reads the Chicago Med synopsis for the episode called When You’re a Hammer Everything’s a Nail.

This episode focused a lot on Dr. Dylan Scott reuniting with his friends from many years back, and it ended up being a story thread that continued for much of Season 7.

Chicago Fire synopsis for Season 10, Episode 5

“In the show’s milestone 200th episode, Casey makes a life-altering decision. Gallo, Ritter, and Violet agree to an interview and photoshoot. Brett and Mouch launch the paramedicine program. Cruz comes closer to fatherhood,” reads the Chicago Fire synopsis for the episode called Two Hundred.

It will be a fun treat for Chicago Fire fans to see Matthew Casey back on the show. This episode also featured Sylvie Brett, who has since traveled to Portland to be with Casey for a while. Kara Killmer’s exit came as a shock to a lot of viewers.

Chicago P.D. synopsis for Season 9, Episode 5

“As the team works to solve a deadly shooting in Burnside, Atwater realizes he has a very personal connection to the case,” reads the Chicago P.D. synopsis for the episode called Burnside.

This episode where Officer Kevin Atwater struck up a relationship with an art teacher was an important one for the character and a good one to re-watch for Chicago P.D. fans that enjoy watching him work.

As a reminder, One Chicago returns on Wednesday, April 6 with all-new episodes of the shows.

Chicago Med airs at 8/7c, Chicago Fire airs at 9/8c, and Chicago P.D. airs at 10/9c Wednesday nights on NBC.

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