Chicago Fire spoilers: Did the showrunner tease additional paramedic drama?

Hanako Greensmith Chicago Fire
Hanako Greensmith plays PIC Violet Mikami on Chicago Fire Season 12. Pic credit: Art Streiber/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire introduced a new paramedic during the latest episode. It has already caused drama at Firehouse 51.

It was clear that things would get tricky after Sylvie Brett left the job, but the new Paramedic In Charge, Violet Mikami, couldn’t find a rhythm with the new person sitting next to her in Ambulance 61.

Wesam Keesh has joined the Chicago Fire cast as Jared Lennox. The character seems to know his stuff but also has a penitent for asking questions at the wrong time.

During one call, Lennox let the wife of their patient know that Violet was new to the job. It caused the woman to question Violet’s abilities.

Violet appeared very stressed that Lennox was undermining her, and when she chastised him about it later, she also told Lennox he had received his second strike on the job.

Later, Chief Boden shows up at Molly’s to reveal that an official complaint has been lodged against Violet. Trouble is brewing.

Chicago Fire spoilers about Season 12

Before Kara Killmer stopped playing Sylvie Brett, the Chicago Fire showrunner spoke about some bumps in the road.

She has also hinted that Lennox won’t be the only new paramedic coming through Firehouse 51 this season. It might mean he has a short stay ahead of him.

“The theme of this season is change and 51 having to cope with change, both people leaving and people coming,” said Chicago Fire executive producer Andrea Newman in a previous interview.

“They’re handling a lot together. How they handle it is really sort of the theme of the season, the evolution of the house when there’s so much change,” Neman added when speaking to TV Insider during the winter hiatus.

“It’ll be a journey finding that person,” she added when addressing Brett’s replacement.

This might mean the Law & Order: Organized Crime alum doesn’t last much longer, even though we know Lennox is also on the March 27 Chicago Fire episode.

More from Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Season 12, Episode 8 airs on March 27 and features Chief Boden going to the offices of Paramedic Chief Robinson.

Is Boden meeting with Robinson to address the complaint that Violet was “aggressive” and “Disrespectful” on the job? And is he starting to show too much favoritism toward one firehouse in his job purview?

Whether Lennox lasts at Firehouse 51 or not, more drama is coming as the team tries to find the right fit as a Sylvie Brett replacement.

Chicago Fire Chiefs
The Chicago Fire chiefs meet on the March 27 episode (Laura Allen as Chief Robinson and Eamonn Walker as Chief Wallace Boden). Pic credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire Season 13 has been ordered. NBC gave the series a green light to film new episodes for the 2024-2025 television season.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are available for streaming on Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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