Chicago Fire sneak peeks for Season 9 Episode 8 released

Grainger Chicago Fire
Jon-Michael Ecker now stars as Lieutenant Greg Grainger on Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8 airs on Wednesday night and NBC has released a few sneak peeks ahead of the important episode.

As expected, we are going to see some tense moments between Captain Matthew Casey and Lieutenant Greg Grainger– primarily because Grainger is going to be working at Firehouse 51 for the day.

But that’s not the only dramatic events within one of the sneak peeks shared below. Severide recognizes a burning house that the crews have responded to. The clip will definitely leave fans guessing about why it’s familiar to him.

Before we even get to the call, though, Casey finds out that Grainger is the firefighter who is covering for Hermann as he heads out on a vacation.

Chicago Fire Escape Route sneak peeks

The first sneak peek was just shared by EW ahead of the March 10 episode of the show called Escape Route. In it, we see Casey stumble upon Grainger and Sylvie Brett having a chat in his own firehouse.

The second sneak peek is shared below, and this is the one where the crews are responding to the fire. Grainger makes a big misstep and it all happens while Brett is watching.

This is a big episode of the show and the first one since Chicago Fire took its latest winter hiatus. When we last saw Firehouse 51 in action, Casey and Severide were solving an arson that had taken place at a homeless camp.

Elsewhere in the episode, Grainger failed in an attempt to ask out Brett but got on her good side when he saved her from an approaching group of clowns at a cemetery.

When the last episode came to an end, Brett had worked up the nerve to ask Grainger out after she received a pep talk by Stella Kidd.

Brett went to Grainger’s firehouse and asked him out on a date, meaning they may have already started dating by the time this episode gets rolling.

That could make things even more complicated as Grainger fills in for Hermann on Casey’s team.

A full night of One Chicago on NBC

One Chicago on March 10 begins with a new episode of Chicago Med that introduces a new doctor. Dr. Ethan Choi has hired a new doctor from his past and he is going to be played by a very recognizable actor who joins the Chicago Med cast.

The night then comes to a close with a dramatic new episode of Chicago P.D. that has Ruzek and Atwater fighting to get a suspect back to the station. It all ties back to what Atwater has been dealing with since the Chicago P.D. season premiere.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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