Chicago Fire Recap: The one with the consequences of their actions

Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey in Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Tonight’s Chicago Fire was that kind of classic episode where we get interesting calls, but it also moved everyone’s storylines along.

We will talk more in-depth about our idiot officers Casey and Severide in a minute, but I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate that Mackey and Gallo finally happened.

I have always loved Gallo, but Mackey has been a wonderful addition to the show with her spunky attitude. Not to mention that the chemistry between Alberto Rosende and Adriyan Rae is sizzling.

So I’m happy for our young puppies, even if it took Mackey taking matters into her own hands to make Gallo finally make a move. You go, girl!

Detectives Brett and Mackey report for duty

While Severide is usually the one that loves to play detective, Brett and Mackey had their time to shine in “Blow This Up Somehow”. During their shift, they responded to a call that seemed to be pretty standard at first. A woman had a seizure and someone called 911.

When Brett and Mackey got there, they found a super concerned boyfriend while the girl suffered through what seemed to be a very long seizure. Brett was about to administer some medication when the girl came to. She immediately refused assistance or to go to the hospital, and just got up and left.

The paramedics just went about their day until they got another call. This time, it was for a patient that had nearly cut his leg off — which was a pretty gruesome scene.

When Brett gives him some Fentanyl for the pain, however, the medication has no effect at all on the poor man. Sylvie maxes out his dosage, but he is still in severe pain.

Later, the Chief Paramedic shows up at 51, saying that the man didn’t have a drop of Fentanyl in his body, and accuses Mackey of swapping out the drugs. Brett immediately jumps to her defense, reassuring that her partner would never do something like this.

The Chief tells her to figure out what happened, because they’re opening an investigation. And if they can’t find the culprit, it will blow back on the PIC — in this case, Sylvie Brett.

So it is up to Brett and Mackey to figure out what happened and who the real thief is. When they tell Joe about it, he suggests that maybe someone swapped the vials during a call. That’s when Brett remembers the weird call with the girl who supposedly had a seizure.

On their next shift, they make it their mission to find the couple. When they try to track their call so they can give the phone number to the police, they discover that the boyfriend flagged someone down to call 911, so that lead is a bust.

So they decide to call every paramedic they know and warn them. That was probably not the first time they did this, nor would it be the last. And it doesn’t take long for them to strike again.

Hannah, the 911 operator who had helped them earlier, calls Sylvie to let her know that she just directed an ambulance to a call with a woman in her 20s having a seizure.

Bingo. It’s them. The guy even tries to get away, but Brett and Mackey block their way until the police get there to take them into custody.

This was a really fun storyline, but what I really loved about it was that it finally gave Brett and Mackey time to talk and bond. When Sylvie finally tells Mackey about Casey, it felt like their relationship just went up to a new level. I love it and I can’t wait to see more of them together.

Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Stella and Severide

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. What have we been saying, you idiot? It really didn’t have to get this bad if you had just used your damn words.

He finally confides in Casey about what’s been going on with him and Stella. And let me tell you, I had missed seeing my idiot puppies having these moments that remind us that they’re very close friends who look out for each other. I am so glad that we’ve been getting more glimpses of their friendship more frequently this season.

Casey tells him it’s a huge risk to wait until Stella takes the exam to try to patch things up, but Severide is set on it. Even if it hurts them, he’s doing what he thinks is best for her in the long run.

What an idiot. He’s a noble idiot with good intentions, but still an idiot nonetheless.

Stella has been staying at Sylvie’s for — I assume — a few days. Severide has been MIA and barely even looking her in the eye, let alone talking to her. And my poor girl loves this idiot man so much that it starts to mess with her head. She can’t focus, she can’t study, and with her shifts at the Firehouse, plus running Girls on Fire, it all just starts to take its toll on her.

So she tells the Chief that she’s thinking about skipping the Lieutenant exam this year. Boden is surprised, and tells her it’s a huge risk to do that. Thankfully, she takes his suggestion to take a few days to think about it before making any rash decisions.

And then Kylie — bless this girl — who wants to help Stella somehow, and goes to Severide for advice. She tells Severide that Stella wants to give up on taking the exam so that finally makes Kelly do something.


So he goes to Brett’s apartment to talk to Stella and finally tells her everything. She thinks he’s an idiot — as we all do — and tells him that she doesn’t care about any of that.

She’s always done everything herself and she won’t let some ridiculous people talking smack about her shake her confidence.

What she needed from him was for him to be there for her. To reassure her when she felt low. To support her, to share this moment with her. But the idiot decided to shut down on her instead.

What I absolutely loved in this scene was Stella telling him in no uncertain terms that he isn’t the decider in this relationship. They’re on equal ground and will be on equal rank soon. He needs to respect her and not decide anything for her. They’re a team and they won’t let each other go anytime soon.

And now all is well in Stellaride land and my heart is lighter.

Casey and his dumb decisions

Our other idiot puppy, however, has screwed up again. He decided to hook up with What’s her face after all, and of course, Sylvie decides to talk to him the next morning.

She’s so very sweet when she tells him she appreciates him respecting her request for space, but that it’s been a while and she’s glad that they’re talking again.

The look on Casey’s face, you guys. His entire expression when she leaves is the definition of that “oh no, what have I done” moment. Jesse Spencer is such an expressive actor, and he played this scene so, so well. The way the emotions just slowly changes in his expression was amazing. And poor Brett left none the wiser.

Then Casey decides to take his frustrations out on poor Gallo. Even though that was a ballsy move and the young firefighter took a huge risk with his life, in the end he saved the young woman.

Casey was right to reprimand him, but he definitely overreacted. I loved that Severide called him out on it, even if he wasn’t quite ready to talk about it yet.

And then What’s her face shows up at the Firehouse to return Casey’s shirt, and our idiot puppy looks like a deer caught in headlights.

Obviously, Ambulance 61 gets a call and Sylvie bumps into What’s her face on her way out. Matt looks even more guilty than he did a second before and tries to hide the shirt behind his back like a teenager.

I just want to shake him so hard. The damage is already done, and even what’s her face picks up on the very obvious tension. Casey even goes out with her again, but his heart is just not in it. Obviously.

What’s her face tells him to not lose her number, and while I was happy for a moment that Casey finally got his head out of his rear, I am afraid that this line will come back to haunt us soon.

Because this is TV and we need drama; so of course that the moment Casey finally realizes that seeing other people is just making him feel even worse about not being with Sylvie, she’s going to take Mackey’s advice and go out into the world and be happy too.

So I’m pretty sure our happiness is going to be short-lived because Brett will most likely go out with Lieutenant Hottie, so our idiot puppy will probably go straight back to what’s her face. Or maybe not.

Prove me wrong, TV Gods!

Other highlights from Chicago Fire

  • Have I mentioned how much I love Gallo and Mackey together? Because I really, really do.
  • Mouch tattooed Trudy’s name on his butt! I did not see that coming.
  • Of course Gallo already accidentally spilled the beans about him and Mackey in front of Joe.

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesdays at 9/8C on NBC.

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