Chicago Fire recap: A saving hand

David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann in Chicago Fire
David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann in Chicago Fire Pic credit: NBC/Adrian S. Burrows Sr.

Brettsey nation, how are we feeling?

Last night’s Chicago Fire presented us with a story of a felon firefighter who helped save his neighbor’s life during an intense call. This storyline puts the spotlight on what happens to people with a criminal record and the difficulties of life after prison. It was a touching story that showed Herrmann doing what he does best: taking care of people and being an incredible human.

Meanwhile, Casey finally went to see a doctor about his headaches and our girl Brett never left his side. What an episode, my friends. What a brilliant episode. After weeks of dragging this relationship out, we finally saw some real, substantial movement forward.

Christopher Herrmann is the MVP as always

Their first call of the day was to a structure fire at a party supplies store. When they got there, the owner was already out of the building, but there were still some people inside: a mom and her little girl, a man, and an unconscious woman.

The problem, though, was that the store owner used a cheaper gas to fill the balloons inside the store, and guess what? That gas was very flammable. So when the Engine 51 and Truck 81 guys went inside, there were a bunch of balloons causing several mini-explosions on top of the already intense structure fire.

They managed to save the woman, but the little girl was still missing. Elsewhere in the store, Herrmann spotted a man running up to the second floor of the building, completely ignoring his requests to follow him out of the building.

He followed the man up the stairs, and to his complete surprise, the man was rescuing an unconscious woman there, ready with the rope to get her out through the window, claiming that it was their only way out.

They saved the woman’s life and managed to get out of the building unscathed. Herrmann was obviously very impressed with the young man, but he simply vanished before he could talk to him. Later, he found out from Brett that the young man’s name was Mason and that the last thing he said was that he was going back to the scene of the fire to try to salvage some of his stuff, as there were apartments on the second floor of the building.

Herrmann was so intrigued by this guy that he went after him and introduced himself. He just needed to know where the guy was stationed, and if he wasn’t, he wanted to encourage him to apply to the CFD.

It turns out, though, that he wasn’t stationed anywhere. He was an inmate firefighter, and even though he would have liked to be a firefighter now that he was out of prison, the CFD wouldn’t allow anyone with a criminal record to apply.

Herrmann, being the amazing human that he is, decided to go to bat for this guy. The person he could talk to about it was unavailable, so the next one in line was Deputy Commissioner Hill — the same one who met Stella and praised her for her skills a couple of episodes ago, remember? So of course, Herrmann rushed to talk to Stella.

While Kidd is still kind of unsure about this, she still managed to get Herrmann a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner. DC Hill wasn’t all that open to listening to them about any policy changes, but Stella gave such an impassioned speech about how they, as women, had to fight tooth and nail to get there in the door at the CFD, that other people deserved the same shot. The officer still said there was not much she could do, but a while later she called Stella with some exciting news.

Herrmann invited Mason to Molly’s, and he and Stella told him that while they couldn’t help him in Chicago, they got him an interview with St. Paul’s Fire Department.

This was such a touching storyline and I just want to give both Stella and Herrmann a hug for being so amazing.

The Brettsey of it all

Meanwhile, Casey finally got his head back on straight and decided to go see a doctor about his injury. As promised, Sylvie went with him and held his hand, and supported him when the neurologist said that he had to get an MRI. It was possible that he was having temporal lobe seizures and that they had to investigate before it could evolve to full-body seizures. Casey was obviously terrified, but Brett was there for him every step of the way.

She apologized to Grainger one night about missing their ski trip and told him that she was helping a friend through a medical situation and that she didn’t want to leave that friend to face it alone. However, she left out the detail that the friend in question was Casey. She invited him to go to an omelet festival to make up for the canceled ski trip and he agreed.

But even though she was still seeing Grainger, her focus was totally on Casey. She went with him to get the MRI done, created a playlist to keep him calm during the test, and was just an adorable ray of sunshine as usual.

The results still took a couple of days to come in, and during that time, Casey overheard Brett mentioning her date with Grainger to Violet, and that caused him to go into his shell again. He sought her out and told her that he’d rather get the results alone because there was no need for her to disrupt her life to accompany him to every single appointment.

A call came in before she could say anything, but she was obviously upset. When she came back, she went after Casey and told him in no uncertain terms that she was going with him to get the test results and he’d better not even try to argue with her. She knew he was scared and she was too, so they could be scared together.

Please tell me if that wasn’t straight out of fanfic, you guys.

So she was on her date with Grainger when Casey called her, saying the doctor asked him to come in to get the results. Sylvie dropped everything and told him she’d be right there, but this time, Grainger saw that the friend she was helping was Casey, and that was the final straw for him.

He told her that she had some stuff she needed to figure out and that they should not see each other anymore.

I mean, we are all so distraught over this, right, Brettsey fans?

And apparently, neither was Sylvie because she immediately rushed off to meet Casey, making it just in time to get the good news. His MRI was clear and what he had was simply post-concussion migraines. He was cleared for duty. They were both ecstatic and hugged each other fiercely for a lot longer than friends usually hug. There’s a moment that they almost kissed, but both took a step back.

Which is okay, you know? Now they’re both on the same page and we’ll get there in no time. I could not be any happier, you guys. How about you?

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesdays at 9/8C on NBC.

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