Chicago Fire promo for new episode teases Cruz quitting

Joe Cruz Chicago Fire
Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Art Streiber/NBCUniversal

A new season of Chicago Fire has arrived, and a lot of early drama came with it.

The first episode teased that Mouch had died, with the writers toying with fans as everyone tuned in.

Thankfully, Mouch survived the injuries he suffered during a domestic terrorism attack. And he is back on the job thanks to his wife (Trudy) pushing him.

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Some sad news was revealed. Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is leaving Chicago. She will soon move to Portland with Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer).

The drama between Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) still exists due to his love for working on arson cases.

And Blake Gallo’s exit from Firehouse 51 already created a new hole that the team has to address in coming episodes.

Is Joe Cruz going to quit Firehouse 51?

While Severide was MIA, Cruz stepped up and led Squad. He was unsure at first but smoothly transitioned into a true leader for the house.

Cruz took on more responsibilities and was relied upon to make split-second decisions. Now Severide is back, and the teaser for the new episode hints at Cruz getting chastised for not waiting for orders on a call.

Below is the television promo that NBC is running for the January 24 episode of Chicago Fire.

“Cruz I didn’t order you to get up there,” Severide says to Cruz after a call. “Don’t let it happen again.”

“For three months, I covered for him. And he’s back, barking orders,” Cruz tells someone in another scene. “And I’m tired of being disrespected.”

“It’s time for me to leave 51,” Cruz tells someone as the promo ends.

Chicago Fire 12x02 Promo "Call Me Mcholland" (HD)

Chicago Fire Season 12, Episode 2 synopsis

“Mouch sets out to change his legacy and nickname; Ritter pushes Herrmann to see a doctor,” reads the short synopsis for Chicago Fire Season 12, Episode 2.

The synopsis mentions Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) and references how he was caught in an explosion during the previous episode. He may have lasting injuries after declining to get thoroughly checked out.

The promo above may have been cut to increase the drama. Sometimes, NBC takes quotes from characters and cuts out part of them. We may learn later that Cruz said much more before getting to the part where he said it’s time for him to leave 51.

As a reminder, the new episode arrives on Wednesday, January 24, at 9/8c. It is titled Call Me McHolland, possibly correlating to Mouch’s last name.

A new firefighter also joins Firehouse 51, so prepare to meet someone new after Alberto Rosende (Gallo) exited on the season premiere.

Severide Tells Javi About Cruz Saving His Life | NBC’s Chicago Fire

More from Chicago Fire

Christian Stolte (Mouch) trolled fans with a goodbye message. He acted like Mouch had died on Chicago Fire and caused fans to think he was done on the show.

Here are details on how Chicago Fire will look as Season 12 continues.

Previous episodes of Chicago Fire are available for streaming on Peacock.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.

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4 days ago

I have been watching CHICAGO MD, CHICAGO FIRE, and CHICAGO PD ever since they first came on TV, on NBC, ION. I am so 😞 to hear about BODEN and BENNEY SEVERIDE, THEY WILL BE MISSED. MY HEART ❤️ and PRAYERS goes out to all of their FAMILIES